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Binance US News and Articles


Binance.US Removes Fees for Bitcoin Transactions


It will be possible to buy and sell bitcoin on the American Binance.US platform without commissions. The administration cancels fees from BTC transactions carried out in tandem with the three leading stablecoins. As Binance.US CEO Brian Schroder noted, the new transaction processing procedure began...

Binance US Terra Luna

Investors Sued Binance.US Over LUNA and UST Sale


Law firm Roche Freedman LLP has filed a class-action lawsuit against the American division of the crypto exchange Binance and its CEO Brian Schroeder on behalf of LUNA and the UST stablecoin investors. According to the 72-page complaint, Binance.US offered unregistered securities to US citizens,...

Brian Brooks Binance US

Brian Brooks Leaves the Position of Binance US CEO


Brian Brooks, a former U.S. Acting Comptroller of the Currency who started his service as the CEO of Binance US in early May, revealed leaving the position. The executive disclosed the news on Twitter on August 6, saying that in spite of differences over strategic approaches, he wishes the company...

Binance US

Binance US users will be able to buy bitcoin by debit cards


The US division of the Binance has added the opportunity to purchase crypto using debit cards. Launches Debit Card Payments, Gains Momentum in First Month Exceeding $15 Million Daily Trading Volume— Binance.US...

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