Netbox.Global announces new update on Whitepaper and Roadmap

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Driven by the desire to make everything as accessible to people as possible, the team behind the Netbox.Global brand has updated its data on the services and products offered.

It has also expanded its product portfolio to cover what online browsers offer, discovering new utilities for blockchain technology.

What is Netbox.Global?

Netbox.Global is an ecosystem build entirely on blockchain technology that offers complete privacy over the users’ data and activity.

And not just that, but it also offers Netbox.Coins as rewards for various activities performed on the platform and simply for surfing the Web. For example, the first 125,000 people to download its browser will instantly get 20 NBX. It is a big project whose purpose is to make online activities such as browsing as safe as possible. Safe from the governments, banks, and tech giants.

The ecosystem has its own:

  • Private browser - so users can navigate the internet without corporations invading their privacy;
  • Distributed transaction ledger with 100,000,000 NBX coins maximum;
  • Free DAPP store - with no central server;
  • Crypto Wallet - to protect and easily access crypto assets;
  • Private video games - that can be brought on the blockchain or even created by enthusiasts and etc.

At the moment, there are no less than nine products available on the platform, and this is just the beginning - because the team plans to go up to 17 total products.

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So what is new on the roadmap?

Getting all the pieces needed to complete the puzzle is a difficult task, but certainly not an impossible one - and Netbox is not going to give up.

Among the apps that the team is going to develop are:

1.The Netbox.Bridge - a multidirectional cross-chain swap;

The Netbox.Bridge is perfect for users who get bored quickly and want to experiment between more options. The three leading chains that will be exploited are Netbox, Ethereum, and Binance Smart chain.

The reason why the NBX bridge is going to be implemented is that it offers scalability and connectivity. That way, the network can work in normal parameters regardless of the number of transactions.

2.Netbox.Defi - an app that will make traditional banking activities a lot more transparent

Without third parties to control the financial activity, things will be way quicker and safer. People will not be limited to trading anymore. Due to smart contracts, Netbox will make staking, lending, and prediction markets private.

3.Netbox Mobile browser - an extension of using the internet without being watched by tech giants

We live in a mobile-first world, and having privacy while browsing the web from a mobile device is crucial. The Netbox mobile browser helps its users protect their data regardless of the device they’re using to access a website.

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4.Netbox.Pay - a physical card for POS

Every user of the platform will be free to order their own NBX card, access their coins from NBX Wallet, and pay on any payment terminals.

And these are just the apps strictly related to financial or browsing activity. However, their roadmap also covers blockchain videos, distributed cloud, and so many more.

Who is behind all of this?

The team that backs up the entire ecosystem comprises 18 passionate members that put all their energy into launching this innovative use for blockchain technology. They have an average of 10 years of experience in their expertise - which explains why they work with such big names.

Some of their clients are, for example, Yandex and Rambler. At the same time, they have partnered with businesses from every representative domain, such as CoinMarketCap for tracking or BC.Game for gambling. More info about their offers and updates can be found on their social media channels:





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