OpenDAX3 Crypto Trading Platform Launch by Openware, Inc.

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OpenDAX3 is one of the most awaited open-source Blockchain cryptocurrency exchange software products of Openware, announced for release on March 2021.

Openware is a trusted Blockchain software development company focused on the development of advanced cryptocurrency trading software platforms.

The OpenDAX3 platform architecture is modular and cloud-native. What sets OpenDAX crypto software stack apart from the white label competition is its incredible flexibility in terms of further customization and development:

  • Effortless deployment, configuration, and management of the entire crypto exchange infrastructure in the form of a code.
  • The modular architecture facilitates user accounts management, regulation of the Wallets, authentication protocols, and different KYC levels.
  • Integration of business-specific logic models with the AppLogic component.
  • A proprietary React Cryptobase library to build powerful front-end user interfaces (UI).

The objective behind the OpenDAX3 crypto exchange software update is to enhance the SaaS crypto marketplace solution as a robust financial service. OpenDAX3 enables flexible development and scaling of the crypto SaaS as the project grows.

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Openware is also concentrating on improving the OpenDAX crypto exchange platform security and increasing the reliability of the digital asset trading.

Openware was the innovative approach of French cloud software architect Louis Bellet to make cryptocurrency an integral part of the financial cloud services. Since the launch of the Openware crypto software product line in 2017, the team has concentrated on enhancing the financial services’ infrastructure and providing reliable, secure, and scalable Blockchain solutions to enterprises and startups worldwide.

Openware software stack focuses on achieving the objective to decentralize the financial system of the cryptocurrency, make it more secure and transparent.

The future prospects would be to make cryptocurrency an integral part of worldwide commerce. For further details about Openware and open-source Blockchain software engineering, you can visit the company website and reach out through various social media platforms. You can check out the OpenDAX source code repositories at Github as well.


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