Dracula Points out SushiSwap Smart Contract Errors

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Dracula criticising SushiSwap

A DeFi farming clone has unveiled features of smart contract bugs in another farming clone as they are doubled whenever the protocol is reproduced.

Yield farming harvester Dracula Protocol has issued aspects on a smart contract bug in competitor DeFi program SushiSwap.

The project was against SushiSwap stating it was an unlawful set up as a result of which a huge value fall occurred impacting regular retail investors. According to an opening blog post, Dracula Protocol intended to fight the bad influence by using and criticising whale-baked farms with second-coat "vampire" idea. This is similar to what SushiSwap did to Uniswap back in August.

Dracula has published a new post, revealing smart contract errors that might be replicated every time the structure is cloned.

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Although Dracula also has yield farming funds and unverified smart contracts, it still found criticising SushiSwap was the right thing to do.

It told that the goal of the team was to show insecurity and possible secret entry that is there incorrectly having been forked many times in various projects. It's not clear the statement is right or not, but as a result SUSHI tokens were burnt and the prices crashed. SUSHI has collapsed around 94%.