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Aquis will add Bitcoin-ETP from 21Shares to listing


ETP provider 21Shares announced the addition of its first cryptocurrency-based instrument to the listing of the British alternative trading system Aquis. Bitcoin-ETP trading will begin in mid-June. The partner will be ETF specialist GHCO, which will act as a liquidity provider. The 21Shares Bitcoin...


Mayweather promotes EthereumMax ahead of Logan Paul fight


Multiple world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather donned the EthereumMax altcoin t-shirt to weigh in and battle against blogger Logan Paul. EthereumMax (EMAX) appeared about a month ago and is traded on Uniswap and 1inch decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. At the time of writing, the altcoin is...

Hungary Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto's Statue Will be Placed in Budapest


First time in history, BTC architect Satoshi Nakamoto's statue will be raised. The place is going to be the capital of Hungary. The sculpture's face features a mirror-like surface with a hoodie. Thus, designers Réka Gergely and Tamás Gilly build Satoshi's image which symbolizes his...

El Salvador

El Salvador prepares to legalize bitcoin


El Salvador could be the first country in the world to recognize bitcoin as legal tender. The corresponding bill was prepared by the team of the President of this Latin American state, Naib Bukele. The text of the document will be published this week. At the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, Jack...

Square & Blockstream

Square and Blockstream to Create Solar-Powered BTC Mining


Cryptography and blockchain technology firm Blockstream and payments operations provider Square teamed up to create a solar-based Bitcoin mining facility. On June 5 Blockstream issued a blog post informing it received a $5 M investment from Square to provide the framework and arrange the project. ...

Bank of Ghana

Bank of Ghana announces 'advanced stage' CBDC development


The Central Bank of Ghana is in a superior stage of developing a CBDC. This was announced by the head of the regulator Ernest Addison. Ghana has become the first country in the region to explore the idea of a CB's digital currency, the official said. “We are moving in stages. The first was...


Reserve Bank of India clarifies position on cryptocurrencies


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has remained critical of cryptocurrencies, head of the regulator Shaktikanta Das said during an online conference. “RBI has serious concerns about cryptocurrency that we have reported to the government,” Das said. In 2018, the regulator banned the controlled...

Bitcoin Conference 2021 Miami

BTC Conference 2021: The First Day


The biggest BTC conference with around 12.000 participants was started in Miami on June 4. It will be over on June 5. Miami major Francis Suarez opened the conference. He mentioned the importance of BTC in making Miami a technological leader. The head of growth at the crypto exchange Kraken Dan...

Square Bitcoin wallet

Jack Dorsey Says Square Aims to Launch a BTC Hardware Wallet


San Francisco-based financial services company Square intends to launch a Bitcoin hardware wallet. The company's CEO Jack Dorsey shared the news on Twitter. Dorsey says the building process from engineering to design is going to be open and with the community's cooperation. He posted series of...


Anchorage will start issuing Ethereum-backed loans


Institutional-oriented crypto bank Anchorage will launch a USD-secured lending service with deposited Ethereum. BankProv, one of the oldest US banks, will act as a partner. Crypto companies interested in a loan in US currency will be able to satisfy their needs without liquidating their positions...

Miami moves headquarters to Miami

by cryptocurrency exchange announced the move of its US headquarters from New York to Miami and the expansion of the state. As part of its scaling plan, the company expects to hire 100 employees by the end of the year and another 200 in 2022. They noted that the reason for the move was...


Paxful launches B2B Bitcoin payment acceptance service


P2P platform Paxful has launched a service that allows businesses around the world to accept BTC. Their customers can choose from over 400 payment methods. Paxful Pay converts the money received from the customer into digital gold and sends it to the merchant's wallet. Clients of the service can...

green mining

The9 acquires green mining company Montcrypto


Nasdaq-listed company The9 has signed an agreement to take over green mining company Montcrypto. The9 will invest C $ 7.6 million ($ 6.26 million) in two phases. The partners will build a 20 MW carbon-neutral mining center in Calgary,...

Elon Musk Bitcoin Tweet

Elon Musk's New Tweet About BTC Has a Vague Concept


Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk referred to Bitcoin once again in his tweet. On June 4, he posted a meme-like tweet about a breakup citing the words of Linkin Park's song "So, in the end, it didn't even matter?". In the description, Musk put Bitcoin's hashtag and the broken heart emoji. ...


11 digital portraits of Marilyn Monroe to be sold as NFT


The preponderance owner of Marilyn Monroe's intellectual property, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) has put up for sale a collection of NFTs inspired by the legendary American actress. The collection titled "Metamorphosis of Marilyn Monroe" includes works by 3D artists Vasya Kolotusha,...


Turkish CB criticized BTC's negative impact on environment


The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey presented a report to parliament detailing its views on cryptocurrencies. The document, which fell into the hands of journalists, lists the inherent risks of digital assets. In particular, the Central Bank drew attention to environmental problems....

Google crypto

Google to Make Changes in Its Ad Policy Concerning Crypto


Internet giant Google reviews its ad approach concerning the crypto industry. In a released post related to policy change on finance goods and services, the entity informs that from August 3, ad issuers suggesting crypto exchanges and wallets focused on the US may advertise products and operations...

Pepe the Frog

“Pepe the Frog” creator will release an NFT collection


The creator of the Internet meme “Pepe the Frog” Matt Fury will release a limited collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT). The artist told Decrypt about this. The PEGZ collection includes NFT portraits of characters created by the author in 2D, 3D, and animation. For every ten collected tokens,...

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