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Sergey Brin fake Youtube

Bitcoin distribution appeared on Google founder fake YouTube


Attackers created a fake YouTube account of Google Founder Sergey Brin and promised 5000 BTC distribution on his behalf. At a certain moment, over 100 thousand people watched the live broadcast: in a small window they showed Brin's old performance, and against this background, they promoted a...

Australia Bitcoin fraud

A resident of Australia laundered $3 million through bitcoin


A resident of Australia was arrested on suspicion of laundering AUD $5 million ($3.2 million) through bitcoins. She led the illegal trading platform, exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat, reports The Australian. A 52-year-old woman was detained at a mall in New South Wales. With her, they found more...

Coinbase users altcoin

Study: Coinbase users buy altcoins after buying Bitcoin


Most of the Coinbase exchange users who buy bitcoin diversify their portfolio with altcoins. This is evidenced by a study conducted by the company. According to these data, 60% of new Coinbase users buy bitcoin as their first asset. 24% of investors continue to store or buy only BTC, while 36%...

Bitwala bank Bitcoin

European Bank Bitwala offers deposits in bitcoins at 4.3%


The German online bank Bitwala has added support for deposits in bitcoins with an annual interest rate of up to 4.3%. Payments to customers are made weekly. The new feature came about through the partnership of Bitwala with the Celsius Network crypto-lending platform. As a result, the company...

Bitcoin transaction fee

$417 million in Bitcoins were transferred with a $1.44 fee


A transaction worth 47,835 BTC was seen on the bitcoin network. It cost only $1.44. Bitcoin Block Bot noticed the transaction. The transfer was equal to $417 million. Bitcoins were received at the address taking 16th place in the total amount of funds. It is noteworthy that the commission for the...


After halving, bitcoin hashrate decreased by 16%


Bitcoin hash rate decreased by about 16% after the third decrease in block reward. According to estimates, the daily income of miners fell by about 44% after halving - from $ 16.1 million to $ 9 million. Most old miners, such as Antminer S9, are now unprofitable. Miners of the new generation -...

Bitcoin halving

Bitcoin trading volumes rose 50 times since the last halving


From 2016 BTC trading volumes soared by 5000%, and market value increased by 1500%. According to Cryptowatch analysts, the average monthly trading volumes of bitcoin have increased 50 times over the past 4 years. In January 2016, this figure was $0.5 billion, and in April 2020 exceeded $27 billion....

Lazarus steal cryptocurrency

DPRK hackers stepped up attacks on BTC companies and traders


The hacker group Lazarus has stepped up efforts to steal crypto coins against the backdrop of a pandemic, the Daily NK reports citing cybersecurity experts ESTsecurity. The main targets of cyber attacks are bitcoin traders and crypto companies around the world. Fraudsters send letters on behalf of...


15% drop in BTC rate caused BitMEX $226M positions loose


The price of bitcoin fell sharply from $9,500 to $8,100 at 7 AM Central time on May 10, losing 14.6% in just 10 minutes. Since then, the price has recovered to $8800. As a result of a sudden drop, the volume of liquidations of positions on the BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange reached $226...

commision in Bitcoin network

Commissions in Bitcoin network grew by 300% before halving


The average commission on the BTC network has grown by more than 300% in anticipation of halving. According to the Bitinfocharts portal, on May 8, the average transaction cost soared to $3.19. Compared to April 26, when on average the commission's cost was $0.62, the growth exceeded 300%. The last...

Peter Schiff

Changpeng Zhao calls Peter Schiff "sheep in wolf's skin"


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted that critic of bitcoin and “golden bug” Peter Schiff speaks more about digital assets than about his favorite precious metal. Oddly enough, most Schiff followers are proponents of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which attack him whenever he discredits...

Bitcoin in darknet

Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency in darknet


Bitcoin is used much more actively in the darknet than the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash. This is stated in a study by Rand Corporation commissioned by Electric Coin Company. Representatives of Rand Corporation emphasize that "the presence of Zcash in the darknet is negligible."...

Bitcoin price 9500

Bitcoin price breaks $9500 mark


Today, May 7, the first cryptocurrency rose above the $9,500 mark. The price is already above the $9,485 mark reached on April 30. If movement continues, this mark will become a support level. The following screenshot shows that the dynamics of the price of bitcoin looks pretty good compared to...

Bitcoin mining card

The University of Cambridge launches Bitcoin mining card


A team from Cambridge University has released a tool that tracks the countries with the highest Bitcoin mining activity. The new tool was developed by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF). It is a map on which the countries with the highest share of the monthly bitcoin network hash...


Bitfinex launches perpetual swap on BTC dominance index


The Bitfinex crypto exchange launched a perpetual swap that allows traders to speculate on the dominance of bitcoin on the index. BTC dominance index - the share of BTC in the total crypto market capitalization - is a popular metric that many in the crypto community are following. The exchange...

Craig Wright court

What is the fate of Satoshi Nakamoto's 1.1 million bitcoins?


The District Court of the Southern District of Florida on July 6 will begin a hearing in the case in which relatives of Dave Kleiman accused Craig Wright of misappropriating half of 1.1 million bitcoins. The parties have the opportunity until July 3 to put an end to this confusing two-year process,...


Bitcoin hashrate approaches 150 EH/s


Roughly on May 12, there will be a drop in the award of BTC miners or the so-called halving. In anticipation of this event, the amount of computing power used to extract cryptocurrency has approached 150 exams per second (EH/s). In early March, this figure reached 125 EH/s, however, after the cost...

Bitcoin drops because coronavirus

Coronavirus report interrupts Bitcoin movement above $9000


Investors expect an exacerbation of the trade war between China and the United States over the coronavirus. This could affect the price of bitcoin, which previously fell below $9,000. It is reported by Bitcoinist. The day before, bitcoin reached $9203, but subsequently, its market value fell to...