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Nicolas Maduro Venezuela salaries

Salaries in Venezuela Will be Increased and Pegged to Crypto


The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro announced that the minimum wage in the country will be pegged to the value of half Petro (PTR), the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela. The monthly minimum wage will go up 18 times to around 26 bolivars ($28) by pegging it to the value of half PTR....


Venezuelan authorities want to use crypto in foreign trade


Venezuela decided to finance foreign trade operations in crypto. President Nicolas Maduro said that, first of all, Caracas wants to expand the use of the national crypto Petro. In addition to Petro, the government can use other digital currencies if necessary. The corresponding bill has already...

Republic of Venezuela

Venezuela unables Coinbase and MercaDolar


One of the digital outreach groups in Venezuela announced that the authorities have prevented user entrance to Coinbase and open currency market MercaDolar. The reasons aren't clear yet, but internet service providers (ISPs) were involved in these actions as their IPs are included in a DNS...


Nicolas Maduro gives farmers loans in Petro cryptocurrency


The Venezuelan authorities have begun lending to farmers in the Petro crypto, the country's President Nicolas Maduro said. During his television appearance, the Venezuelan leader emphasized that firms engaged in grain production have already begun to receive their first loans in national digital...

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