Venezuela unables Coinbase and MercaDolar

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Republic of Venezuela

One of the digital outreach groups in Venezuela announced that the authorities have prevented user entrance to Coinbase and open currency market MercaDolar.

The reasons aren't clear yet, but internet service providers (ISPs) were involved in these actions as their IPs are included in a DNS blacklist. The government did not even publish any of its plans to hinder the two platforms.

It's not the first time crypto trade markets have been hindered. The most suffered objects are those which are used to exchange native money for foreign money. Andres E. Azpurua, leader of Venezuela Inteligente, expressed his opinion and worries about the recent events. Talking about the blocking of San Francisco-based Coinbase he mentioned that he didn't see the point of it as a lot of crypto markets are available in Venezuela. The economy of the counry is facing difficulties now.

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The Nicolás Maduro-government also launched an oil-backed digital currency, called Petro, as an alternative to the country’s ruined fiat, and is aggressively pushing to make it mainstream. Last month, a majority of the Bolivarian Council of Mayors also signed an agreement to accept taxes in the state’s crypto.

At the end of August, 2 large online networks- Tunnelbear and Psiphon were blocked. This gave reasons for complaints and the opposition leader Juan Guaido together with other parties, is claiming elevated worldwide pressure against Maduro.