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MoneyGram News and Articles


MoneyGram will become a bridge between the crypto and the fiat worlds


MoneyGram platform general Alex Holmes said that the company’s immediate plans are to become a kind of “bridge between the cryptocurrency and fiat worlds.” Today, the largest company specializing in international transfers - MoneyGram International, announced the decision to direct its...

Stellar XLM surge

Stellar and MoneyGram Partner, XLM Surges


Leading payment company MoneyGram revealed a collaboration with blockchain protocol Stellar. As the firm stated on Wednesday, it aims to expand its services with digital assets. In particular, MoneyGram aims to carry out instant transactions using USDC stablecoin, developed by P2P payment...

Stellar MoneyGram

Stellar Foundation Approached MoneyGram for Acquisition


As reported by Bloomberg on Wednesday, Stellar Foundation, a non-profit organization standing behind the development of the Stellar network and the cryptocurrency XLM, contacted money transfer company MoneyGram on a possible purchase. Bloomberg informs the news was provided by unnamed people...

MoneyGram lawsuit

Rosen Law Firm Accused MoneyGram of Wrong XRP Assertions


Major money transfer system MoneyGram encounters a lawsuit that claims it didn't inform users about XRP's class as unlisted security. The initiator of the legal proceedings was Rosen Law Firm which introduced a representative action on March 1. The suit was in the name of depositors that traded...

Partners about XRP

SBI and MoneyGram about Ripple's Case


Ripple's two major partners SBI Holdings and MoneyGram commented on SEC's recent lawsuit against the company. Yoshitaka Kitao, the CEO of the SBI Group, published a statement supporting Ripple and its executives. Kitao said that despite SEC’s allegations of XRP security, SBI will continue to use...

MoneyGram Ripple

MoneyGram received $15 million from Ripple


The money transfer service MoneyGram received $15.1 million in XRP from the fintech startup Ripple, according to the company's second-quarter report. Adjusted for mutual transactions, the amount of incentives received from the strategic partner is estimated at $6.3 million. In the first quarter,...

MoneyGram and Ripple partnership

MoneyGram expands Ripple partnership with $11.3M


MoneyGram money transfer service received $ 11.3 million from fintech startup Ripple during the second half of last year. It is reported by CoinDesk concerning reporting to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The funds from the California startup came in two tranches: $ 2.4 million in...

As the rumours about Facebook’s coin launch are thickening, MoneyGram and Ripple finally became partners

As the rumours about Facebook’s coin launch are thickening, MoneyGram and Ripple finally became p...


Yesterday was the day when a long-awaited partnership has become real. Riplle Inc. declared that now they’re partners with MoneyGram. Is this because Facebook decided to launch the coin these days? As the blockchain firm says itself, this partnership is going to make MoneyGram become a user of...

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