SBI and MoneyGram about Ripple's Case

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Partners about XRP

Ripple's two major partners SBI Holdings and MoneyGram commented on SEC's recent lawsuit against the company.

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Yoshitaka Kitao, the CEO of the SBI Group, published a statement supporting Ripple and its executives. Kitao said that despite SEC’s allegations of XRP security, SBI will continue to use Ripple's technology. The successful financial services company drew followers' attention to the fact that 90% of Ripple's clients as well as 80% of the transfer amount comes from outside and can't be a subject of the US law.

SBI is unlikely to have major financial losses because of the situation as the company's investment volume in Ripple totals 8.76 Ripple didn't get the same support from MoneyGram. The company also made a publication concerning to Ripple's case. It mentioned that they had a business deal with Ripple since 2019 allowing the use of Ripple’s well-known On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) services.

Anyway, MoneyGram announced that ODL wasn't their main tool, and they had other alternatives. At the end of its statement, the company told that they hadn't used ODL for the direct transfers. SEC, in its official complaint said that Chris Larsen was aware of the risks XRP had. He was told to contact the SEC to clarify this issue soon after Ripple was founded.