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JPMorgan News and Articles

JPMorgan crypto opinion

JPMorgan Executive Views Most Crypto as Junk


The CEO of the JPMorgan's blockchain unit, Umar Farooq says except for a few dozen tokens, other cryptos are likely to disappear. He expressed this opinion during the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Green Shoots seminar on Monday. According to Farooq, the use cases of digital assets haven't...


JPMorgan predicts the imminent end of the “crypto winter”


According to JPMorgan analysts, the cryptocurrency market will soon come out of the “winter” state. As a result of the recent fall in bitcoin, the leverage in the cryptosphere has been significantly reduced. If it continues to decline in the coming months, then the lion's share of players with...


JPMorgan allowed miners to maintain pressure on the price of bitcoin


Mining companies in need of liquidity in the third quarter are able to continue to exert downward pressure on the quotes of the first cryptocurrency. JPMorgan strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou came to this conclusion. According to the expert's calculations, the share of public mining companies...

JPMorgan DeFi

JPMorgan to Make Trillions of Dollars of Assets Available in DeFi


Leading investment banking company JPMorgan has big plans related to DeFi. During the Consensus 2022 conference, the head of JPMorgan's Onyx Digital Assets, Tyrone Lobban told Coindesk about the goals to provide institutional DeFi solutions, emphasizing the importance of tokenized assets. According...

crypto JPMorgan

JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Has a Significant Upside Potential


Amid bearish sentiments prevailing in the market, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou and other strategists of the leading investment bank JPMorgan said in a note that BTC is likely to go up after the recent fall. They predicted the rise of the coin to $38,000, about a 29% increase of Bitcoin's current trading...

JP Morgan decentraland metaverse

JPMorgan Enters the Metaverse Buying a Land on Decentraland


Multinational investment bank JP Morgan's Onyx platform launched a lounge in the metaverse, based on the blockchain-powered virtual world Decentraland. The platform has its native utility token MANA, which at the moment trades at around $3.3. Users can buy virtual lands, and items using crypto...

JPMorgan note BTC price

JPMorgan Slashed Down Its Long-term BTC Price Prediction to $38 K


New York-based international bank JPMorgan issued a note on January 26. In the paper, analysts of the bank wrote what is their expected long-term BTC price. According to the bank, volatility along with constant ups and corrections will prevent future adoption by institutions. The estimations by...

JPMorgan Siemens blockchain

JPMorgan Created a Blockchain Framework For Siemens Payments


Leading international bank JP Morgan is partnering with the largest industrial manufacturing firm in Europe Siemens. JP has created a structure for the manufacturer’s payments. A release by Financial Times, says the institutions presented a first-of-its-kind app. The system is being used for...


JPMorgan: Bitcoin fair price is around $ 35,000


According to analysts from the investment bank JPMorgan, today's bitcoin rate is greatly overvalued. The fair price of the cryptocurrency is around $ 35,000. The financial giant's report says that, unlike gold, BTC is still a highly volatile asset. The range of cryptocurrency price fluctuations is...

JPMorgan Bitcoin price

JPMorgan Says BTC Surge Is a Result of Inflation Concerns


Experts at the leading financial institution JPMorgan say that Bitcoin's surge is connected with concerns over inflation and not ETFs. As reported by Bloomberg, Managing Director at JP Morgan Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou and other strategists are of the opinion that the release of ProShare's Bitcoin ETF...

JPMorgan CEO Bitcoin

JPMorgan CEO Continues to Think Bitcoin is Worthless


CEO of New York-based international investment bank JPMorgan Chase Co, Jamie Dimon says in his personal opinion Bitcoin is worthless although the bank's customers think differently. The executive shared his views during an Institute of International Finance event on Oct. 11. At the same time, he...

JP Morgan crypto services

JP Morgan Made Crypto Funds Available for Its Clients


Wealth managers of one of the US largest banks, JP Morgan now are authorized to provide their customers access to crypto, reports Business Insider. Thus, the establishment became the first of the largest banks in the US to do so. The five crypto products that JP Morgan's consultants can operate...

El Salvador JPMorgan

JPMorgan Says El Salvador May Face Restrictions in Using BTC


Global investment bank JPMorgan finds El Salvador may face difficulties with Bitcoin's use cases as a means of exchange. In a report published on Thursday, the bank said the difficulties may appear, as lots of BTC is tied up in illiquid institutions, 90% of the owners remained the same through a...

JPMorgan crypto staking

JPMorgan Team Is Positive About Ethereum2.0 and Staking


JPMorgan recently published a report, where the CEO Jamie Dimon and two senior analysts shared their views on blockchains, Ethereum upgrades, and staking. They mentioned the importance of running more energy-efficient networks and that the popularity of these types of networks will grow. As...

JP Morgan

JPMorgan does not rule out the fall of bitcoin to $ 25,000


The cryptocurrency market is still dominated by bearish sentiment. The risks of a new Bitcoin rollback periodically increase according to a study by JPMorgan investment bank analysts. They do not exclude that the result of the negative trend that we have been observing over the past few weeks will...


JP Morgan: Investors began to move from bitcoin to gold


The report of the investment bank JP Morgan says that the fall in the value of bitcoin was the result, among other things, of the transition of some large investors to gold. Today the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 38,900. The day before, the bitcoin rate fell below $ 31,000. Support returned on...

JP Morgan Bitcoin

JPMorgan About the Possibility of BTC Price Further Decline


Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou noted that if Bitcoin's price doesn't go back $60.000 in the near term, the further fall will be more probable. Strategists of the institution stated that during the last several days, Bitcoin futures markets have seen a large liquidation as...

JPMorgan crypto clearinghouse

JPMorgan in Search of Crypto Clearinghouse


Wall Street financial services provider JPMorgan views possibilities of cooperation with a crypto clearinghouse to form liquidity. The news was announced by Forbes on March 15. Commonly shoppers of crypto assets need to store their capital with over-the-counter (OTC) or off-exchange desks before...

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