JPMorgan: Bitcoin fair price is around $ 35,000

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According to analysts from the investment bank JPMorgan, today's bitcoin rate is greatly overvalued. The fair price of the cryptocurrency is around $ 35,000.

The financial giant's report says that, unlike gold, BTC is still a highly volatile asset.

The range of cryptocurrency price fluctuations is four times the volatility indicator of the underlying precious metal. If in the coming months we see a decrease in the bitcoin turbulence indicator at least twice, then reaching $ 73,000 for a cryptocurrency will become more than real, and such a value will be quite fair.

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Investment bank experts, in general, are optimistic about the prospects for bitcoin. According to their forecasts, in 2022, the price of the coin will not only approach $ 100,000 but will also be able to break through this psychological mark.

By the end of next year, the growth of the crypto market will be more than 15%. Today, the leading digital currency is trading at $ 63,905. October proved to be very successful for bitcoin, at the end of the last month, its value soared by almost 40%.