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Hackers modified dnSpy debugger for hidden crypto mining


MalwareHunterTeam specialists have uncovered a malicious version of the dnSpy debugger that installs hidden miners and Trojans on victims' computers. dnSpy is commonly used by researchers and developers to adjust and decompile programs. The software is also popular with cybersecurity professionals...


EasyFi lost $ 6 million due to a hacker attack


Hackers withdrew about $6M from the liquidity pools of the EasyFi landing protocol, which uses second-tier solutions from Matic Network (now Polygon). CEO and founder of the project, Ankitt Gaur, said that attackers gained remote access to his computer and took possession of the keys to the...


Korean hackers have stolen over $300M in crypto in two years


Cybersecurity experts found out that in 2019-2020, North Korean hackers seized about $316 million in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, according to the report of the Committee under the UN Security Council to monitor compliance with sanctions against Pyongyang. The researchers found that hackers...


Hacker withdrew $2 million from Akropolis DeFi protocol


An unknown attacker devastated the YCURVE and sUSD liquidity pools of the Akropolis project in DAI stablecoins worth $ 2 million. He hacked smart contracts that were audited twice. We recently identified a hack executed across a body of smart contracts in the "savings pools" that have...


Spanish crypto startup 2gether lost €1.2 million


Spanish crypto startup and payment card issuer 2gether will not be able to pay off € 1.2 million in debt to users that were hijacked by hackers on Friday, July 31st. On Sunday, August 2, the startup team announced that they could not find the indicated amount (26.79% of 2gether's total funds)....


Hackers attacked supercomputers in Europe for mining plans


Hackers tried to crack supercomputers in European countries last week to use their power to mine crypto. Entire clusters of supercomputers were stabbed in several countries, such as Germany, the UK, Spain, and Switzerland. Hackers tried to crack mainly university machines. Last Monday, the press...


Hacker returns all stolen assets to dForce DeFi project


The hacker refunded all the stolen stocks - about $ 25 million - to the Chinese DeFi project dForce. Yesterday, the hacker returned dForce $ 2.79 million, and today the rest was given back. Sergey Kunz, CEO of said that the attacker had returned all the funds because his IP address...

Bisq hack

Hacker stole $250000 from Bisq users


Late in the evening of April 7, DEX Bisq suddenly shut down trading after it discovered a “critical security vulnerability.” Bisq sounded the alarm, determining that the hacker took advantage of the vulnerability of the exchange software and stole cryptos worth more than $250,000 from users....

bitcoin exchanges hack

7th hack in a year: Bitcoin exchanges lost $105 million


Hackers hacked the Vietnamese VinDAX exchange, losses amounted to $500 thousand. Funds in 23 digital assets were withdrawn from the site, reports The Block. Hacking and the amount of damage was confirmed by the administrator of the Telegram channel of the exchange. According to him, the incident...

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