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Coinbase attack

Hackers Managed to Steal From 6000 Coinbase Customers


Unknown hackers have attacked about six thousand user accounts of the Coinbase crypto exchange. They exploited the vulnerability to bypass two-factor authentication using SMS. This week, the exchange sent affected customers letters informing them that cybercriminals hacked accounts and stole crypto...

Cream Finance

Hacked Cream Finance will reimburse $18M in damage


The developers of the Cream Finance decentralized protocol will reimburse affected users for the losses resulting from a recent attack using instant loans. The project will allocate 20% of the fees for this purpose until the entire amount is repaid. The developers are also ready to pay 10% of the...

DeFI hack Cream Finance

Cream Finance Suffered $25 M Flash Loan Attack


Cream Finance Suffered $25 M Flash Loan Attack Decentralized lending and yield farming network Cream Finance’s v1 market on Ethereum chain suffered a flash loan attack today. The platform informed about the exploit via twitter, posting that it resulted in a loss of 418,311,571 in algorithmic...


Hackers under the guise of games stole data from BTC wallets


Kaspersky Lab experts discovered the Swarez Trojan, which, among other things, stole data from crypto wallets. The peak of activity of the malware occurred in the spring of 2021. The attackers used the games Among Us, Battlefield 4, Battlefield V, Control, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 21,...

Poly Network hacker

The Hacker of Poly Network Refused $500.000 “Bug Bounty”


DeFi interoperable platform Poly Network, which was hacked a few days ago, offered hackers a $500.000 bug bounty. The attack resulted in removing $610 M from the network. Afterwards, the platform contracted the hack's initiators via Twitter and they sent back most of the funds via several...

Poly Network DeFi hack

Hackers Returned $342 M of Stolen $613 From Poly Network


On August 10, one of the DeFi's largest hacks ever took place which resulted in stealing around $613 M from the cross-chain protocol Poly Network. After the case, the network contracted hackers via Twitter calling on to return the seized funds. The attacker answered via Ether transaction note,...

bEarn Fi hacked

Cross Chain Yield Aggregator bEarn Suffers $11 M from Attack


bEarn Fi, an auto yield farming protocol based on Binance Smart Chain lost about $11 M as a result of the flash loan attack, which happened on May 16. Attacking bVaults’ BUSD Alpaca strategy, the attacker used flash loans and managed to steal over $10.8 M in the stablecoin BUSD. In DeFi, vaults...

Rari Capital

Rari Capital lost about $11M as a result of hacking


An unknown person withdrew assets worth about $ 11.3 million from the Rari Capital decentralized financing protocol. Researcher Igor Igamberdiev noted that the attack was the first cross-network exploit - the attacker stole funds for it from the Value project, which is powered by Binance Smart...


Hacker withdrew $30M worth of tokens from Spartan Protocol


A hacker attacked the Spartan Protocol DeFi project running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and pulled about $ 30 million from its liquidity pools. The hacker used $ 61 million in BNB tokens to attack. Spartan also said they are trying to recover the withdrawn funds and turned to Binance for...

Blockfolio hack

Blockfolio service was hacked


Blockfolio, a cryptocurrency portfolio management service, has been hacked. The hackers sent messages to users, which said "the closure of the service for black people and n**** with the immediate loss of all funds." We are incredibly sorry about the offensive messages posted today.1: no...

Yearn Finance hack 05.02.2021

Hacker Stole $2.8 M from Yearn.Finance


Today Decentralized platform Yearn Finance published the news of cyber hackers attacking the network and stealing $2.8 million. The protocol's official page and one of the engineers named Banteg shared the news on Twitter. The hacker targeted the v1 yDAI vault, through which users yield farm. The...


KuCoin CEO: Insurers refunded part of losses from hacking


In September 2020, the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. As a result, hackers stole up to $ 285 million in cryptocurrency. According to platform CEO Johnny Liu, insurance companies took part in recovering losses incurred as a result of the attack. He emphasized that thanks to the...

Hardware wallet Ledger attacked

Hardware Wallet Ledger Database Hacked


Hackers managed to access the Ledger database and get information about over 270,000 wallet users. There were mentioned such personal details as names and physical addresses. All these data then appeared on RaidForums, a marketplace for trading and sharing hacked information. In late June, ...

USA Treasury attacked

U.S. Treasury Hack will Increase Trust in Bitcoin


On December 13 U.S authorities announced that the US Treasury and the body linked to the Commerce Department were hacked. The reporting made by Reuters states that another country was involved in this. This is a major crime against U.S. network safety. The National Security Council called for an...

Origin dollar attacked

Hackers Stole $7M from Origin Protocol


Stablecoin project Origin Dollar (OUSD) was attacked on Monday and lost $7M as a result. The sum involved user funds, as well as $1 million worth of deposits by Origin founders and employees. The attacker managed to find a reentrancy bug in smart contracts. He exploited the Origin Protocol's Origin...

Hackers attacked HArvest Finance

Harvest Finance was Hacked Losing $24 M


Hackers seized USDT and USDC stablecoins costing $24 million from Harvest Finance’s stablecoin and BTC pools. Harvest Finance, which is a yield aggregator supplies liquidity to other DeFi funds to make a profit for its liquidity providers (LPs). The attackers supposedly took advantage of the...

Twitter hack Graham Clark

17-year-old teen arrested on suspicion of Twitter hack


US police have detained 17-year-old Tampa resident Graham Clark, accusing him of involvement in the recent attack on the social network Twitter and the fraudulent distribution of bitcoin. This was announced by the local television channel WFLA. Graham Clark is suspected of involvement in the attack...

Monero hidden mining

Botnet infected 5000 computers for hidden mining of Monero


Specialists from Cisco Talos have found the Prometei botnet, which used computer systems to extract Monero (XMR). It was reported in the company's blog. Prometei is capable of disabling security controls, copying files, and disguising itself as other programs to set up illegal mining operations....

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