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Binance Seizes $5.8M in Crypto Assets Related to Ronin Hack from Hackers


Bitcoin exchange Binance returned part of the $5.8 million worth of Axie Infinity assets stolen by hackers, CEO Changpeng Zhao said. On March 23rd, unidentified individuals hacked the Ronin Ethereum sidechain and withdrew approximately $625 million in ETH and USDC. The incident became known six...

BEAN hack

Stablecoin Protocol Beanstalk Lost $182 M in an Exploit


On April 17, Ethereum-based decentralized stablecoin protocol Beanstalk was exploited and lost $182 M as a result. Security, and data analytics company PeckShield tweeted based on Etherscan data that the attacker managed to get away with $80 M and move it via privacy transactions protocol Tornado...

FBI Ronin hack

FBI Attributed Hacker Group Behind the Ronin Attack


The Federal Bureau of Investigation published a statement on the investigation results associated with the $600 M hack of the Ronin Network. Ronin is an Ethereum sidechain built for the play-to-earn game, Axie Infinity. According to the statement, the FBI was able to confirm that the hackers behind...

Ronin network hack

Ronin Blockchain Platform Was Hacked and Lost Over $600 M


Hackers managed to steal around $625 M by exploiting the popular web3 video game Axie Infinity’s Ronin sidechain. A press release published by Ronin Network says the platform suspended activities on the bridge and the decentralized exchange platform Katana. It also reveals that starting on March...


DeFi protocols Li Finance and Umbrella Network were hacked


DEX aggregator Li Finance has reported a hack that resulted in the theft of 205 ETH (~$591,630) from 29 wallets connected to the service. The project team closed the exploit and compensated for the losses of most users. According to the report, on March 20, an attacker exploited a vulnerability in...

Wormhole hack

Wormhole Restored All Funds After Hack


Ethereum-Solana bridge Wormhole announced replacing funds after a recent hack. The platform said that soon the team will present a detailed report on the incident. 1/2All funds have been restored and Wormhole is back up.We're deeply grateful for your support and thank you for your...

OpenSea NFT hack compensation

OpenSea Returns Funds To Affected Users From the Hack


Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea announced compensating users that suffered from the recent bug exploit. Funds worth $1.8 M was returned to the users. It was detected on January 24 that a hacker found a front-end vulnerability. Exploiting the bug, the hacker withdrew around 332 Ethers, worth around...


Hacker opened Trezor wallet, to which investors forgot the access code


The other day, the American media sparkled with headlines that local investors living in New York forgot the access code and secret phrase from their Trezor One cryptocurrency wallet. By the way, a good amount has already accumulated on the device - against the backdrop of an increase in the cost...

OpenSea NFTs hack

OpenSea was Hacked for 332 Ethers Worth Around $780.000


The largest NFT marketplace OpenSea was hacked. The blockchain security platform Peckshield, reported that there was a front-end vulnerability, exploiting which the hacker managed to gain 332 Eths valued at about $780.000 at current prices. The estimations of Peckshield are based on data from...

Multichain hack

A Hacker Exploiting Multichain Bug Offers to Return 80%


On Jan. 17, the blockchain interoperability network Multichain was hacked. The team announced that a critical vulnerability affected 6 cryptos; WETH, PERI, OMT, WBNB, MATIC, and AVAX. The company mentioned that it fixed the vulnerability, and transactions could be done safely. However, Multichain...

Lympo hack LMT tokens

Sports NFT Platform Lympo Lost $18 M In a Hack


Lympo, a subsidiary of game development company Animoca Brands, focused on creating a sports NFTs ecosystem, was hacked. As announced, exploiting the hot wallet security vulnerability, the hacker managed to withdraw 165.2 M of the platform’s native utility LMT (Lympo Market Token) cryptos,...


AscendEX exchange was hacked


At the end of last week, another cryptocurrency platform was hacked. This time, the hot wallet of the AscendEX exchange was hacked. In a statement from the administration, it is noted that hackers were able to steal digital currencies totaling up to $ 77 million. ERC-20 tokens were stolen from the...


BitMart promises to pay compensation to victims of hacker attack


At the end of last week, it became known about a hacker attack on the hot wallets of the BitMart crypto exchange. The attackers managed to withdraw about $ 200 million in various tokens deployed on Ethereum and Binance Chain. The CEO of this platform, Sheldon Xia, promised to compensate the losses...

Badger DAO DeFi hack

DeFi Platform BadgerDAO Lost $120 M as a Result of a Hack


An unknown hacker or a group of hackers targeted the Bitcoin-focused DeFi platform Badger DAO. They managed to seize funds worth $120 M in different crypto assets. Badger DAO announced receiving reports of wrongful withdrawals of funds. While the team is examining the case, smart contracts are...


US authorities confiscate $2.3M worth of crypto from a Russian hacker


At the end of the summer, American law enforcement officers confiscated about $ 2.3 million in digital currency from a hacker from Russia. The criminal is currently in the territory of the Russian Federation. We are talking about Alexander Sikerin, who may be associated with the REvil hacker group,...

Coinbase attack

Hackers Managed to Steal From 6000 Coinbase Customers


Unknown hackers have attacked about six thousand user accounts of the Coinbase crypto exchange. They exploited the vulnerability to bypass two-factor authentication using SMS. This week, the exchange sent affected customers letters informing them that cybercriminals hacked accounts and stole crypto...

Cream Finance

Hacked Cream Finance will reimburse $18M in damage


The developers of the Cream Finance decentralized protocol will reimburse affected users for the losses resulting from a recent attack using instant loans. The project will allocate 20% of the fees for this purpose until the entire amount is repaid. The developers are also ready to pay 10% of the...

DeFI hack Cream Finance

Cream Finance Suffered $25 M Flash Loan Attack


Cream Finance Suffered $25 M Flash Loan Attack Decentralized lending and yield farming network Cream Finance’s v1 market on Ethereum chain suffered a flash loan attack today. The platform informed about the exploit via twitter, posting that it resulted in a loss of 418,311,571 in algorithmic...

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