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Google trends

Interest in bitcoin fell to the level of November 2020


According to Google Trends, the number of searches for the word "Bitcoin" fell to the level of mid-November last year. Then the first cryptocurrency was trading at around $ 16,000. The indicator is down 68.5% from this year's peak of May 16 (23 versus 73; the highest was 100 in December...


Internet interest in ether has risen to record levels


The number of Internet searches related to Ether (ETH) has reached the highest level in the history of the altcoin. According to Google Trends, people around the world are now much more interested in this digital currency than at the turn of 2017-2018. As a reminder, in January 2018, ETH reached $...

Buy Bitcoin Google Trends

Google Trends: “buy bitcoin” request jumped to record levels


Amid the collapse of stock markets, investors became interested in buying bitcoin, despite the fact that the crypto market also experienced a serious fall. This is evidenced by data from Google Trends. So, on March 13, the number of search queries “buy bitcoin” jumped sharply to the highest...

Google trends BTC

Google Trends records abnormal BTC request growth


The indicator for the “BTC” request in Google grew from 2 points to 100, while the “Bitcoin” request remained the same 8 points. According to one version, users searched for the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC), the interest in which is due to Hurricane Dorian. According to Forbes,...

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