Interest in bitcoin fell to the level of November 2020

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Google trends

According to Google Trends, the number of searches for the word "Bitcoin" fell to the level of mid-November last year. Then the first cryptocurrency was trading at around $ 16,000.

The indicator is down 68.5% from this year's peak of May 16 (23 versus 73; the highest was 100 in December 2017).

On Ethereum, search volume peaked at the beginning of May this year. Then the second-largest cryptocurrency by capitalization was trading above $ 4000. Since then, the rate has dropped 71%, and the price has dropped by about 50%.

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Even less frequently, users began to search for the leading Ethereum exchange, Uniswap. The peak of its popularity in Google also fell at the beginning of May - then the developers launched the third version of the protocol.

Similar dynamics to Uniswap are observed by Coinbase. However, in this case, the peak of activity occurred in the first half of April, against the background of the listing of the American company on the Nasdaq stock exchange.