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BIS France Switzerland CBDC

French and Swiss Central Banks Tried CBDC


In terms of the program Jura, national banks of France and Switzerland, together with the BIS Innovation Hub implemented a test for wCBDC (wholesale central bank digital currency). The experiment was a part of the Banque of France series of CBDC tests, which started in March 2020. It leveraged a...

France CBDC

France Central Bank Carried Out a Large-Scale CBDC Test


One of the EU's largest CBDC tests took place today by France. The Central Bank of France carried out around 500 transactions using a blockchain technology system developed by New York-based tech corporation International Business Machines (IBM). The experiment was led by a Belgian financial...

Banque of France CBDC test

Bank of France CBDC Pilot Transactions Exceeded €2 M


Central Bank of France published the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) test results. The experiment took place on December 17. During it, the first time performed CBDC transaction had success. The bank used a private blockchain of the French fund administration platform called IZNES. Blockchain...


Hearings in the case of Alexander Vinnik began in France


A new series of court hearings have begun in the Paris Correctional Court in the case of Alexander Vinnik, co-founder of the now-closed cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e who was extradited from Greece to France. Vinnik faces up to ten years in prison on charges of extortion, money laundering, and...

The commercial court of France

The court in France recognized Bitcoin as an asset


BTC became a verified exchangeable asset in France. The court of Nanterre determined this on February 26, but the fact became known just now. French court did a judgment after a conflict among two organizations: the French platform Paymium and the British corporation BitSpread. The exchange...

Blockchain Week Summit coronavirus

Paris Blockchain Week Summit postponed due to coronavirus


The organizers of the Blockchain Week Summit event informed the participants about its postponement for December 9-10. Initially, the summit was to be held from March 31 to April 1. This decision was made due to the recommendations of the government. In France, a ban has been imposed on mass...

bitcoin nude photo France

Nude photos or bitcoin: attackers blackmail 90.000 Frenchmen


In 2019, at least 90,000 residents of France were victims of cryptocurrency extortionists who claimed to own compromising images. This was reported by the local national system of assistance to victims of cyberbullying and digital attacks Attackers calling themselves...

France national currency

Lawmakers call on French banks to create digital currency


The deputies of the French National Assembly believe that the country's commercial banks with the participation of the ECB should start developing their own digital currency. Lawmakers expect support for the initiative from the Minister of Finance, reports La Tribune. To this end, members of...

France ICO legal

First ICO approved in France


The French Financial Markets Authority for the first time approved an application for an initial coin offer. The regulator’s website says that approval was received by French-ICO, which developed a platform for financing projects with crypto. The permit will be valid until the deadline for...

Gendarmerie Tezos

French gendarmerie reports about using Tezos blockchain


The French Gendarmerie Cybercrime Center (C3N) uses the Tezos blockchain. The agency launched its first smart contract in September. According to a press release, C3N uses blockchain to control the costs incurred during investigations. “This is one of the first examples of how a government...

Banque de France

The world needs to make standards for crypto regulations


A banker from a French Central Bank says that the world needs a regulatory framework for crypto assets. Denis Beau, an executive chief of Banque De France said during the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum in London that there is a necessity for overall consistency to prevent...

France is against Libra. It needs a public digital currency

France is against Libra. It needs a public digital currency


Bruno Le Maire, French Finance Minister, announced on Thursday that Libra coin is going to be prevented in Europe because the currency is too unsafe and endangers sovereignty. Le Maire mentioned at Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris that Libra is going to raise concerns...

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