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fidelity News and Articles

Fidelity retail traders Bitcoin

Fidelity to Offer Bitcoin Trading to Its Individual Customers


Leading financial services provider Fidelity considers offering Bitcoin trading services to its retail customers. According to a release by Wall Street Journal, the institution with over 34 M brokerage accounts is looking into ways to enable retail investors to trade BTC on its brokerage platform....

Jurrien Timmer crypto adoption

Fidelity Exec Says Stablecoins Could Accelerate BTC Adoption


In the latest Crypto Banter episode, the Director of Global Macro at Fidelity Investments, Jurrien Timmer said he believes stablecoins pegged to the dollar will increase the adoption of Bitcoin. According to Timmer, if stablecoins are regulated, and there aren't negative headlines that we had seen,...

Fidelity crypto news

Fidelity Digital Assets to Double the Number of Workers


Fidelity's crypto unit is going to double the number of its employees as it assumes the demand for cryptos will rise this year. The international financial services company launched Fidelity Digital Assets in 2018 to enable the storage and trading of Bitcoin. A publication by Wall Street Journal...

Fidelity crypto retirement

Fidelity Presented the First Crypto Retirement Savings Fund


International financial services Fidelity added Bitcoin as an option for 401(k) plans. It is the first major retirement-plan provider to offer this possibility. A 401(k) plan is a plan for retirement savings offered by many employers in the US. It is named after the Internal Revenue Code. The...

Fidelity crypto research

Fidelity Says Countries Securing BTC Will Gain Advantage


International financial services corporation Fidelity published research on cryptocurrencies. The report covers the spheres of regulations, adoption, market awareness, the expansion of the industry, and other analyses. Fidelity mentioned that in 2021 Bitcoin saw significant growth. At the start of...

Fidelity Nexo partnership

Nexo and Fidelity Will Offer Products for Institutions


Digital currency loan service Nexo collaborates with enterprise-grade crypto custody Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS) to enable large entities access crypto services. Per the release published by Nexo on December 7, the companies will introduce first-class financial operations and...

Jurrien Timmer Bitcoin opinion

Fidelity Analyst Says El Salvador’s BTC Move Is “Overacted”


On September 7, El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. While many consider this move as of historical importance, Fidelity Investment analyst Jurrien Timmer disagrees. According to him, El Salvador's BTC adoption is overplayed. Timmer expressed his opinion during...

Fidelity survey crypto investments

Most Institutions Will Own Crypto By 2026, Fidelity Found Out


Boston-based international financial entity Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS) carried out a survey, which shows that the number of institutions investing in crypto will grow considerably by 2026. 1.100 institutional investors from the US, Europe and Asia took part in the study. 70% of them answered...

Fidelity analytics platform

Fidelity to Launch Crypto Analytics Network Sherlock


Boston-based international financial operations provider Fidelity will launch a digital asset analytics network Sherlock for asset managers and investors. The network will offer entry to statistics provided by large data researchers. It will enable users to be aware of the market, enabling them to...


Fidelity believes institutional adoption of BTC will proceed


In the coming years, we will see institutional adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) go mainstream. This point of view is shared by Tom Jessop of Fidelity. The top manager is confident that the majority of large investors are already changing their attitude towards BTC and other digital currencies. Changing...

Fidelity Bitcoin ETFs

Fidelity Requested for a Bitcoin ETF


On March 24, Boston-based major financial institution Fidelity Investments submitted documents with the SEC to get authorization to issue its BTC exchange traded fund. The ETF which will enable betting on the price of BTC without buying or storing the coin will operate under the name Wise Origin...


Fidelity spoke about the giant potential of Bitcoin


Fidelity analysts have published a report in which they pointed to the growing importance of bitcoin as a tool for preserving capital. They even used the term "insurance policy" to denote the role of bitcoin. The largest cryptocurrency acts as a protector of savings in the face of the...

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