Most Institutions Will Own Crypto By 2026, Fidelity Found Out

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Fidelity survey crypto investments

Boston-based international financial entity Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS) carried out a survey, which shows that the number of institutions investing in crypto will grow considerably by 2026.

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1.100 institutional investors from the US, Europe and Asia took part in the study. 70% of them answered they plan to purchase or invest in digital assets sooner and 90% said they intend to make the move by 2026. Both ways, direct investments in assets and in shares of crypto-related enterprises were considered.

Survey also shows that Asian investors lead in terms of crypto exposure. Anyway, the US and Europe are about to catch up.

Fidelity Digital Assets, founded in 2018 is a division of Fidelity Investments.

Earlier, this month the company revealed expanding its staff by around 70% as interest in crypto services from larger investors continues to be high. At the end of June, FDAS announced being a custodian for a new crypto platform that will launch in collaboration with the world's leading market operator TP ICAP.