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Ethereum merge News and Articles


Chainalysis admits price divergence between ETH and BTC after The Merge


The price of Ethereum may show independent dynamics from other cryptocurrencies after the Merge, as staking will make the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization similar to bonds or commodities. This is stated in the study Chainalysis. The upcoming merger on September 15-16 will lead to the...

Ethereum merge news

Ethereum Bug Bounties Reach $1 M Ahead of the Merge


The Ethereum Foundation released a new blog post ahead of the major network upgrade scheduled for the next month. The team said all bounties for vulnerabilities related to the merge go up 4 times between now and September 8. Crucial bugs now worth up to $1 M. With the merge, Ethereum will move to...

Ethereum merge date

Ethereum Devs Revealed the Date for the Planned Merge


The Ethereum dev team published a paper which reveals a new launch date for the upcoming Marge based on testnets and updates. The planned date is Sept 19, when Ethereum will begin relying on Proof-of-Stake instead of Proof-of-Work. According to a tweet by Ethereum’s Beacon Chain community...

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