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Do Kwon crypto news

Do Kwon May Lose His Passport According to a Government Notice


While law enforcement agencies have been looking for Terraform co-founder Do Kwon to arrest him after Interpol's red notice, his location remains unknown. In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea released a public notice on October 5 saying it would invalidate Kwon's passport if...


LFG denied information about sending 3313 bitcoins to exchanges


Do Kwon's partner, the Luna Foundation Guard, formally refuted claims that he delivered 3313 bitcoins to exchanges, according to the reports. The CryptoQuant team delivered such information at the start of the week. Analysts discovered that LFG transmitted 3313 BTC to the platforms OKX and KuCoin...

Do Kwon Terra Luna

Interpol Released Red Notice for Terra Luna Founder Do Kwon


Interpol is looking for Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon. The organization issued a red notice for him. According to a report by Bloomberg, Interpol requested law enforcement worldwide to locate and arrest Do Kwon related to the $60 billion worth of cryptocurrencies wiped out of the market. ...

Do Kwon arrest warrant

South Korea Released Arrest Warrant Against Terra Founder Do Kwon


A South Korean court released an arrest warrant against Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon, according to the Financial Crimes Unit of the Supreme Prosecutors Office. Bloomberg published a report citing an official message, which reveals the warrant included five other individuals who are accused of...

Terra Luna Do Kwon

Terra Founder Says He's Heartbroken for What His Invention Caused


Terra blockchain ecosystem founder Do Kwon said he's heartbroken about the pain his invention caused the community. Kwon tweeted that in the past few days, he has held phone calls with Terra blockchain engineers, community members, employees, friends, and family that have been devastated by the...

Terra Do Kwon UST

Terraform Labs Bought $230 M Worth of Bitcoin


Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon, announced buying another 5000 Bitcoins for $230 M. Terraform stands behind the development of the Terra blockchain, which is powered by the UST stablecoin and the LUNA coin. At the time of buying, the BTC price was around $46,000. Last month, Do Kwon revealed that...

Do Kwon

Terra founder to replenish reserves of his project with billions of dollars


The founder of the Terra cryptocurrency project, Do Kwon, has officially announced his intention to replenish the reserves of bitcoins, which are collateral for UST stablecoins. According to reports, the startup intends to carry out almost the largest purchase of military-technical cooperation in...

Terra LUNA bet

Terra Founder Do Kwon Bets $1 M on the LUNA Price


Founder and CEO of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon has accepted a $1 M bet on the price of the LUNA coin native to the Terra blockchain. The bet was offered by a Twitter user with the pseudonym Sensei Algod. The essence of the deal is the following; both parties send 1M in the stablecoin USDT to a crypto...

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