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The Fed recommends Congress accelerate the development of a digital dollar


The Federal Reserve will recommend to Congress to expedite the Digital Dollar Launch Project (CBDC). As the head of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell noted, the modernization of the financial infrastructure of the state requires certain decisions. However, this issue should not be a priority at...


US Senate urges to speed up the development of a digital dollar


Senator Elizabeth Warren is known as a supporter of tight crypto regulation. At the end of last year, she announced the need to ensure the transparency of the digital currency market and protect investors. In her opinion, the US authorities should limit the possibilities of whales manipulating the...

Bank of America strategists CBDC

Bank of America Expects US CBDC To Be Launched Till 2030


Bank of America’s analysts released a report, where they said that Central Bank Digital Currencies are an unavoidable advancement of the existing digital assets. As per a news article by Bloomberg, the experts said that the US digital dollar will be different from other digital assets. The main...

Digital dollar

The US should accelerate the development of digital dollar


In the US leadership at various levels, many periodically raise the question of the advisability of launching the digital dollar. Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard believes that many states are already moving towards creating a national token. If Washington hesitates, then the country runs the...

Digital Dollar

Novogratz: "US must quicken development of digital dollar"


Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz is known for more than just Bitcoin. He has also previously called on the US government to accelerate the development of a digital version of the dollar and introduce crypto regulation. The billionaire once again expressed his position at the end of this week. He...

Digital dollar fight coronavirus

US developing bill to fight coronavirus with digital dollar


The Democrats bill on supporting the economy in the context of the coronavirus pandemic involves the creation of a digital version of the dollar and wallet to provide incentive payments. About it writes The Block. The current version of the bill has not yet been published and will undergo further...

digital US dollar

Former CFTC CEO leads blockchain-based digital USD project


Ex-Chairman of the CFTC Christopher Giancarlo plans to promote the idea of digitizing the US dollar using blockchain technology by launching The Digital Dollar Project for this purpose. The organization’s statement said the launch of The Digital Dollar Project was a logical follow-up to an...

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