US Senate urges to speed up the development of a digital dollar

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Senator Elizabeth Warren is known as a supporter of tight crypto regulation. At the end of last year, she announced the need to ensure the transparency of the digital currency market and protect investors.

In her opinion, the US authorities should limit the possibilities of whales manipulating the prices of cryptocurrencies.

This week on NBC, she said it was time to accelerate the development of the US national digital currency (CBDC). The electronic version of the dollar will modernize the payment infrastructure.

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In addition, the emergence of CBDC will create conditions for the development of innovation and business focused on the blockchain industry.

Warren also reaffirmed her stance on crypto regulation. According to her, the digital world is like a big bubble that can burst at any moment.

To minimize the risks of a repeat of the financial crisis of 2007-2008, it is necessary to legalize digital assets and introduce rules for their use, the senator emphasized.