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by recently cut its headcount by about 5% as part of a business optimization effort. This decision was made by the platform management against the backdrop of a sharp drop in the value of digital currencies and the dominance of bearish sentiment in the market. Recently, reports have been... earn Removed DOGE, SHIB, and Others From Its Earning Program


Crypto exchange made updates to its earning program. The team released a blog post that says some tokens were added and some removed. From June 27, 2022, the platform added Fantom’sFTM, Near’s NEAR, and Zilliqa’s ZIL. The platform also revised the reward rates.'s update... unauthorized activity Restored Withdrawals After an Unauthorized Activity


Crypto trading platform detected unauthorized activity on the platform on Jan. 17, after which it stopped deposits and withdrawals for some time. The team was investigating suspicious activities during the pause. stated that all funds were unaffected. The exchange implemented...

CoinMarketCap CEO accused CoinMarketCap of data distortion

by CEO Chris Marshalek criticized CoinMarketCap for providing incorrect information on trading volumes. “Merry Christmas, the CoinMarketCap team, which, a week after responding to their poorly worded tweet, arbitrarily downgraded our stock rankings to 14th. On CoinGecko, we are # 2 to #... Coin Grows, CRO Hits a New All-Time High


Surging by over 72% in the last 7 days, the native token of the decentralized protocol Chain, CRO reached a new all-time high of $0.59. The company standing behind the development of the chain is the financial services company CRO managed to set a new record while prices of...

Time magazine

Time Magazine to Allow Crypto Payments with


Well-known American newsmagazine Time partners with crypto operations platform to enable payments in CRO token while subscribing. Particularly, users can get an 18-month subscription via one-time remittance. The cost of the option is $49. By paying with CRO the readers will...

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