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Vietnam to develop legislation for digital currencies


Over the past few years, the Vietnamese authorities have periodically appealed to the citizens of the country with a call not to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, interest in such assets in the country, on the contrary, continues to grow steadily, and officials can no longer ignore this trend....


Japan plans to strengthen control over cryptocurrency exchanges


The Japanese government plans to amend the legislation on currency regulation. In parallel, it plans to strengthen control over cryptocurrency exchanges and services as part of compliance with the sanctions legislation. According to Cabinet spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno, Japan will adhere to a policy...

Bank of England crypto

UK Central Bank Plans to Develop Crypto Regulations


The Bank of England is set to sketch the first regulatory framework for crypto. According to the institution, the industry could pose risks to financial stability without being unregulated. The Bank mentioned that although the sector is still small, it sees rapid growth. Discussions over crypto...


Thai regulator bans payments in digital assets


Beginning in December 2021, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission announced the preparation of a new regulatory framework that would regulate the digital asset industry. According to reports, among the main tasks that the agency has set for itself is the definition of so-called “red...


Head of the SEC is ready to unite with departments for crypto regulation


US President Joe Biden signed a decree on the control of digital currencies the day before. This document should become the basis for the regulatory framework for the blockchain industry. It states that all major US agencies should work with each other to ensure the safety of investors and prevent...


The Government of Canada will start tracking crypto transactions


The Canadian authorities intend to put into practice the "Emergencies Act", which, among other things, will allow the government to block the bank accounts of citizens and track the crypto transactions of Web users. According to reports, the adoption of such drastic measures by senior...

Head of CB

The head of the CB of India warned against investing in cryptos


Private cryptos pose a “huge threat” to macroeconomic and financial stability, and investors should be aware of all the risks. That was stated by the head of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Shaktikanta Das. In his opinion, private digital assets could undermine the RBI's ability to maintain...


USA was proposed to exempt from taxes crypto transactions up to $200


The bill “On Fair Taxation of Cryptocurrencies” was resubmitted to the House of Representatives of the US Congress. The initiative provides for exemption from capital gains tax when the profit from the use of digital assets does not exceed $200. The bill was sponsored by Arizona Republican...


India introduced a bill regulating crypto activities


Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced recently that the agency is ready to present the 2022 budget to the public. In addition, the woman noted, supporters of digital assets will finally be able to get acquainted with the newly minted bill on cryptocurrencies. So, it took a lot of...

India crypto regulation

India to Impose 30% Tax on Crypto and NFT Income


During a budget presentation today, India's Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman revealed plans for the release of national digital currency and the taxation of the revenue from crypto assets for 30%. As announced, the Reserve Bank of India intends to release a digital rupee in 2022-2023. The FM...

Gary Gensler crypto regulations 2022

SEC Will Focus On Crypto Platforms Regulation in 2022


The chair of the US SEC, Gary Gensler said that platforms offering crypto trading services will be a primary focus of the agency. Bloomberg informs that during a recent virtual conference, Gensler said that he had asked the staff to get crypto exchanges inside the investor protection area and look...


India invites partners to jointly control the cryptosphere


The Indian government has repeatedly postponed the consideration of a bill to regulate relations in the cryptocurrency market. The authorities take this decision due to opposition from the Central Bank, which is categorically against recognizing such instruments as means of payment. This week,...


More than 50 countries have introduced restrictions for cryptocurrencies


A total of 51 countries in the world have imposed bans on cryptocurrencies to some extent. What follows from a report from the Office of Global Legal Research (GLRD) of the US Law Library of Congress. GLRD noted that since the first publication of the report, the number of such jurisdictions had...

Bank of Russia

Bank of Russia promises to introduce new restrictions for the cryptosphere


The Bank of Russia management is considering options for introducing new restrictions on cryptocurrency holders. According to the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, who already has a negative attitude towards bitcoin, the regulator wants to achieve a ban on the use of the state's financial...

crypto regulation Bank of England

Bank of England Mentioned the Benefits and Risks of Crypto


The United Kingdom’s Central Bank released a Financial Stability Report, where it mentioned the rapid evolution of the crypto industry. The regulator said that domestic and global regulations must cooperate to control the risks of the fast-evolving market of cryptocurrencies. The Financial Policy...

Ripple XRP crypto regulations vision

Ripple Released Its Approach to Crypto Regulation


Blockchain-based payment protocol that developed the XRP coin, Ripple, published its vision of how the crypto industry must be regulated. The team sees the necessity to build a new regulatory system. In the release titled "A Real Approach to Cryptocurrency Regulation", the firm says the...


Israel introduced compulsory licensing of crypto companies


The Israeli authorities have decided to tighten control over companies representing the cryptocurrency industry. Local startups and bitcoin exchanges are required to obtain a license granting the right to operate on the domestic market. Such enterprises must be registered in a special state...

Taiwan crypto regulations

Taiwan Made a Change in the Crypto Category Listing


Financial regulators of Taiwan changed the business category of cryptocurrencies removing them from the class of "software design services". As local media announced, during inter-ministerial meetings and industry discussions held on Nov. 15, the Ministry of Economic Affairs informed...

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