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Compound News and Articles

DeFi Compound bug

Compound Price Falls After a Major Bug Causes Loss of Funds


Recently, DeFi lending and borrowing protocol Compound has been facing problems. It all started when a system upgrade has gone wrong. On October 1, the news came that over $90 M was sent to users accidentally. Compound CEO Robert Lesher urged people who received tokens, send them back. Otherwise,...

Jake Cherwinski

Jake Cherwinski announces resignation from Compound Labs


On October 1, Jake Cherwinski announced that he had resigned from his position as General Counsel for Compound Labs. He held this post for two and a half years. 1/ Some personal news: after 2.5 amazing years, yesterday was my last day at @compoundfinance ❤️It's been a genuine honor helping...

Compound new  blockchain

Compound Launched Compound Chain


Lending and borrowing DeFi protocol Compound announced the launch of Compound Chain. This took place a few months later, the platform moved from being a centralized performer to a fully community-governed protocol. The introduced research paper explains how the company has developed a...

Outstanding loans value

The Value of Outstanding Crypto Loans in Defi is $3 B


Outstanding crypto loans in DeFi protocols have now surpassed $3 billion. On Aave, Compound, and MakerDAO, there is over $3 B of outstanding loans, $98.8 M of which was borrowed last week. These lending protocols are not like usual crypto loans firms. They’re networks, decentralized such that no...

Coinbase earn Crypto 10.15.2020

Coinbase Offers Making Profit by Learning about Compound


Compound was listed on Coinbase Earn Crypto Tutorial Program. This suggests earning by studying the basics of lending and borrowing on Compound. Compound’s addition is another step to DeFi token consumers onboarding. It already has lessons on protocols such as loan service MakerDAO and...

MakerDAO blocked funds

Funds blocked in Maker reached $1 billion


The volume of funds blocked in the MakerDAO DeFi protocol reached $1 billion for the first time, strengthening the project's leading position in the decentralized finance market. This is evidenced by data from the DeFi Pulse. Over the past day, this figure has increased by 6.7%. Blocked funds have...

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