Funds blocked in Maker reached $1 billion

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MakerDAO blocked funds

The volume of funds blocked in the MakerDAO DeFi protocol reached $1 billion for the first time, strengthening the project's leading position in the decentralized finance market. This is evidenced by data from the DeFi Pulse.

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Over the past day, this figure has increased by 6.7%. Blocked funds have grown by $555 million since early July. Maker's market share has exceeded 27.4%.

Compound returned to second place, having previously lost its position to competitor Aave. For the first place it lacks $270 million. During the day, the volume of funds in the protocol increased by 15.3%.

The Aave indicator lost 25.94% in a day, falling to $450.9 million. From the fourth place, where Synthetix is placed, it is separated by $24.1 million.

The total amount of funds blocked in the sector is $3.65 billion. This indicator slightly decreased in comparison with the previous day.

Uniswap fell back to third place in the DEX category, behind Curve and Balancer.