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China News and Articles

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange

Chinese official began pushing blockchain after Xi’s speech


On October 24 Xi Jinping, president of China, spoke about the significance of using blockchain technology and encouraged everyone in China to make the country leading in this sphere. After this speech, a senior Chinese foreign-exchange governing official called for “special attention” to be...

President of China

Xi Jinping wants China to be a leader in the blockchain


President of China Xi Jinping said that the communist party of his country should consider blockchain as a centre technology for essential innovative inventions, also it should perpetrate to stimulating the improvement of this technology. This announcement was made during the meeting with the...

Facebook Libra

Facebook warns Washington: Beijing will win if Libra fails


Facebook Inc. warns Washington that if the corporation’s plans for launching a cryptocurrency fail, it will be a huge win for China. David Marcus said in an interview that China is going ahead and trying to create a digital payment system with a worldwide reach and, at the same time, the US is...

mining ban China

Mining will be limited in one of China's autonomous regions


The authorities of Inner Mongolia decided to limit crypto mining in the territory of this autonomous region of the PRC. This was reported by the managing partner of Primitive Ventures Dovey Wan, citing local media. JUST IN h/t @ChainNewscom Regulatory bodies from Inner Mongolia will dedicate...

btc yuan correlation

The weakening of yuan increased the demand for BTC in China


The inverse correlation between BTC and yuan increases over time. This may indicate that the Chinese are increasingly considering BTC as a protective asset, according to Bloomberg. Reverse interdependence peaked at the end of August. According to Garrick Hileman, researcher at the London School of...

China digital yuan

Bank of China: digital yuan will appear on WeChat and Alipay


The digital currency from the People’s Bank of China will appear in WeChat and Alipay payment systems. You can use it without the Internet. This was reported by Reuters with reference to the deputy head of the payment unit of the People’s Bank of China (ZRY) Mu Changchun. Development should...

Bitmain mining chip

Bitmain increases hash rate, purchasing 600.000 mining chips


The Chinese giant Bitmain allegedly placed an application for the purchase of 600,000 mining chips, which in the future could bring the company an additional $1.2 billion in profit. This was reported by the Block. The information came from a source close to TSMC, Taiwan's largest semiconductor...

China mining farm

A severe flood destroyed a large mining farm in China


In the Chinese province of Sichuan as a result of heavy rains began floods and landslides, as a result of which a large mining farm was destroyed. A video of the incident has already been posted online. A local mining farm based in Sichuan, China was DEVASTATED by the recent heavy rainfall in the...

Ren Zhengfei about Libra

Founder of Huawei: China is able to release its analogue of Libra


The founder of the Chinese technology giant Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, said that China should not wait until someone launches a digital currency like Libra. In his opinion, the state is always stronger than any Internet company. This was reported by the local media. "China is able to release its...

Media accused Justin Sun of illegal pornography

Media accused Justin Sun of distribution of illegal pornography: the lunch with Warren Buffett is...


The Tron Foundation reported on transferring the lunch of Bittorrent owner Justin Sun and legendary investor Warren Buffett by agreement of the parties. So, the meeting was to be held on July 25, but there were found kidney stones in Sun's organism. The new date is still unknown. However, shortly...

Fraudsters stole 15,000 ETH via Huobi

Fraudsters stole 15,000 ETH via Huobi fake group in Telegram


In China, the attackers, under the pretext of “arbitrage opportunities,” extorted about 15,000 ETH from trusting investors (more than 5 million at the current exchange rate), creating the fake Huobi exchange group in Telegram. Reports about it 8btc. The fraudsters presented themselves as...

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