A shortage of graphics cards: Chinese can't mine Ethereum

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China mining Ethereum

Against the background of the rise in the price of Ethereum to $330, Chinese miners became interested in mining the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. However, their plans were in jeopardy due to a shortage of video cards and an increase in their cost, writes 8btc.

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As a local miner manufacturer told the publication, interruptions in the supply of GPU chips occurred due to a decrease in production volumes and a change in the delivery schedule during the pandemic.

“In addition, chipmakers are deliberately restricting supplies to the mining industry to avoid influencing the consumer market,” he said.

So, the manufacturer of video cards NVIDIA has reduced the production of the RTX 20 line by a third. The release of the RTX 30 video card, according to the latest media reports, is expected in August.

The complexity of mining cryptocurrency had not yet taken off, and the income of the miners in the last segment was “sufficient”. According to 8btc, the payback period for an Ethereum miner is 200 days. The most productive video cards bring their owners up to $17.21 per day.