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Cathie Wood BlackRock Bitcoin

BlackRock's Move to Crypto May Double the BTC Price: Cathie Wood


ARK Invest founder and CEO/CIO Cathie Wood finds that the world's largest asset manager, BlackRock's entry into the crypto sector may have a significant effect on the price of Bitcoin. Several days ago, crypto exchange Coinbase revealed a collaboration with BlackRock with the aim to offer crypto...

Cathie Wood Ark Invest

Cathie Wood's Ark Invest to Drop PayPal for CashApp


Florida-based investment management firm Ark Invest’s CEO and CIO Cathie Wood announced dropping all of the company's PayPal holdings for Cash App. She talked about the news at Bitcoin 2022. Cash App owned by Block relies on Lightning Network, a layer 2 solution for BTC payments to make...

Ark Invest Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood Continues to Be Bullish about Crypto


ARK Invest CEO and CIO Cathie Wood is bullish about the future of crypto, despite the current price decline. During a recent interview with CNBC on December 9, Wood shared her predictions. She reiterated her view that if more institutional investors choose Bitcoin, the price of the coin will...

Cathie Wood

ARK Invest CEO iterates inevitability of a bullish scenario for BTC


Over the next five years, we will see the price of bitcoin (BTC) jump above $ 500,000. This forecast was announced by the CEO of ARK Invest fund Cathie Wood. Moreover, it is not the first time that it has declared that the leading cryptocurrency is aimed at growth in the long term. Even in moments...

Cathie Wood Ark Invest

Cathie Wood Believes BTC Will Hit $500.000 Over 5 Years


The CEO and CIO of New York-based investment management firm ARK Invest, Catherine Wood believes that Bitcoin price will go up to $500.000 in five years. She also announced that the company's confidence in Ethereum rose after the ETH2.0 upgrade. Catherine Wood shared her opinion during the SALT...

Cathie wood

Ark Invest's Cathie Wood criticizes Bitcoin opponents


Cathie Wood, the founder of the Ark Invest investment fund, represents the camp of the so-called bitcoin bulls. Over the past two years, she has periodically entered into polemics with opponents of the cryptocurrency and criticized them for their shortsightedness. Wood recently commented on a...

ARK Invest Square holdings

ARK Invest Acquires Another $54 M Square Stock


NY-based investment management ARK Invest has increased its stock holdings of the payments services company Square headed by Jack Dorsey. The company purchased a total of 225,937 shares as mentioned in its daily holding files. This move came a few days later after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared the...

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