Ark Invest's Cathie Wood criticizes Bitcoin opponents

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Cathie wood

Cathie Wood, the founder of the Ark Invest investment fund, represents the camp of the so-called bitcoin bulls. Over the past two years, she has periodically entered into polemics with opponents of the cryptocurrency and criticized them for their shortsightedness.

Wood recently commented on a statement by billionaire John Paulson, who questioned bitcoin as "digital gold." He pointed to volatility as one of the leading factors hindering the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

The founder of Ark Invest disagreed with this point of view. She stressed that bitcoin is not so much a payment instrument and a haven asset, but rather a new global financial system.

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We are dealing with a decentralized structure that no one controls. She does not obey politicians and central banks, and this is her strength.

Cathie Wood expressed the hope that over time, the position of Bitcoin skeptics like John Paulson will change. Ray Dalio and Stanley Druckenmiller also distrusted cryptocurrency at one time and considered it a scam. However, then they became convinced of the reliability of the innovative tool and began to tell everyone about its advantages over traditional assets, said the founder of the fund.