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Bloomberg recorded a growth in correlation between BTC and the S&P 500


At the end of August, the dependence of bitcoin on the US stock market decreased. However, already in September, the trend changed, and Bloomberg analysts drew attention to the increased correlation between BTC and the S&P 500 index. The correlation coefficient rose to 0.72 points, but it is...

Binance CEO Modern Media

Binance CEO Sued Bloomberg's Modern Media


The Chief Executive Officer of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) filed a lawsuit against Modern Media, Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese-language publisher. CZ accuses the company of defamation. According to a report by Hong Kong Economic Times, CZ said Bloomberg Businessweek published an article on July...


Bloomberg analyst confident that Bitcoin will reach $100,000


Based on the recent report of the analytical publication Bloomberg, after a large-scale price correction in the digital asset market, BTC and ETH are expected to reach new highs. So, for example, according to strategist Mike McGlone, shortly, bitcoin will be able to become the world's largest...


Bloomberg launches DeFi indicator


The value of funds locked up in the DeFi decentralized finance market has come close to $ 121 billion this week. The leading projects in this ecosystem are UniSwap, Terra, and ChainLink, which accumulated $ 15.742 billion, $ 12.044 billion, and $ 11.621 billion, respectively. Interest in the DeFi...


Bloomberg expects BTC rally to resume in 2nd half of the year


The bitcoin (BTC) rate on Friday, August 6, is holding around $ 40,800. During the day, the cryptocurrency tried to gain a foothold above $ 41,000, but it did not have enough support to hold positions. Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone recently stated that BTC has a realistic chance of repeating...


Bloomberg confirms: "BTC will reach $20K by the end of 2020"


Back in early June, Bloomberg predicted that Bitcoin's upward movement will continue until the end of 2020. One of the analysts, Mike McGlone, stated that the cryptocurrency is going to be able to test the values ​​at the $ 20,000 level. Bloomberg released its monthly cryptocurrency review...

Andrew Yang bitcoin

Presidential candidate: regulators can't stop use of bitcoin


The United States needs to develop a unified approach to regulating the crypto market so as not to harm the development of the industry. This was said by the presidential candidate in the 2020 elections, Andrew Yang, in an interview with Bloomberg. He stressed that without a single set of rules and...

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