Bloomberg analyst confident that Bitcoin will reach $100,000

by in Cryptocurrency News


Based on the recent report of the analytical publication Bloomberg, after a large-scale price correction in the digital asset market, BTC and ETH are expected to reach new highs.

So, for example, according to strategist Mike McGlone, shortly, bitcoin will be able to become the world's largest reserve asset, well complementing the dollar. In addition, the expert expressed almost one hundred percent confidence that after some time, the BTC will be able to break through the price mark of $100,000.

McGlone drew attention to the fact that throughout the summer, the cost of the gold, dollar, and government bonds has dropped markedly. In turn, the price of some cryptocurrencies, on the contrary, increased. Some assets even showed an increase of 50%. Against the background of the activation of traders, the analyst believes, the price correction may continue, which means that the overcoming of new highs by bitcoin cannot be ruled out.