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Zcash (ZEC) price, charts and news



Zcash market data

ZEC Coin Price: $45.45
ZEC Market Cap: $592,952,869
ZEC Circulating Supply: 13,046,586 ZEC
ZEC Total Supply: 21,000,000 ZEC
ZEC 24 Hour Volume: $35,574,670
ZEC 24 Hour High: $--
ZEC 24 Hour Low: $--
ZEC 24h Change: -1.17%

What is Zcash?

An open-source, decentralized and privacy-oriented cryptocurrency which is called Zcash is based on Zerocoin protocol. Started in 2016 by Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn it was forked from the original Bitcoin. Each transaction in the blockchain is encrypted so Zcash applies novel cryptography to check payments. Zcash has a selective transparency opportunity. It means that you may choose whether your transaction will be transparent or protected with special cryptography algorithm. The algorithm which is adopted by Zcash is named zk-SNARK. It is giving the opportunity of having a protected ledger of dividends without opening the names of those who performed transactions or costs. So this protocol lets avoiding from cheaters. Transparent transaction mode was made for those wallets that don’t perform private transfers. The team has a goal of setting new standards of protection via cryptography.

ZEC price historical chart

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