Development of news project on Zcash blockchain will resume

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Zboard on Zcash blockchain

The developers of the confidential Zboard news hub based on the Zcash blockchain plan to receive a $23,000 grant from the Zcash Foundation to resume the project.

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Its aim is to facilitate independent and uncensored access to free media. Authors on the platform will be able to anonymously publish content simply by making a transaction in Zcash (ZEC).

Recipient addresses will be protected by evidence with zero disclosure a cryptographic protocol that verifies a transaction without revealing personal information about who committed it. This ensures that the author’s identity remains undisclosed, and the articles themselves are stored on the blockchain.

Developers will create a set of tools that will allow any Zboard user with a Zcash client to decrypt and interact with an anonymous news hub on the network.

The idea of ​ZBoard arose in 2018, the project was supported by Electric Coin, but it stopped at the prototype stage due to lack of funding. Recently, amid increasing demand in the community, the developers decided to lobby the Zcash Foundation with a grant of $23 thousand to resume the project.

Thomas Schmiedel noted that ZBoard will challenge the presentation of news and the agenda of the classic media and act as a genuine medium for shaping public opinion.