Human Rights Foundation began accepting donations in Bitcoin

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Human Rights Foundation donation Bitcoin

Human Rights Foundation has announced that it will accept donations in bitcoins through the BTC Pay Server.

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The organization writes that they are happy to accept donations in bitcoins through BTC Pay Server, an autonomous open-source payment processing system. It is safe, private and free.

Donations can also be done in Monero, Zcash, and Ethereum.

The HRF previously characterized the first crypto coin as a potential tool in the struggle for freedom.

Many organizations that receive cryptocurrencies actually receive fiat because of the properties of their processing services. Such donations can easily be censored. The open-source BTC Pay Server eliminates this.

Recall, that in December 2019 The American Cancer Society also started to receive donations in BTC. One of the hugest non-profit corporations in the USA chose for this BitPay.

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According to BitPay's reports, the company has supervised above $50 million endowments since 2017, partnering with reputable organizations like the American Red Cross or the Tony Hawk Foundation.