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Filecoin (FIL) News

Tim Wu Bitcoin Filecoin

Government Official Tim Wu Owns At Least $1 M in BTC


Tim Wu, network neutrality coiner, professor of Law, Science, and Technology, advisor for the White House disclosed he holds a significant part of his capital in crypto. The news was published in the magazine "Politico". As noted in the publishment, Wu holds between $1 M and $5 M in BTC...


Filecoin developers introduce NFT storage service


Protocol Labs, behind the development of the Filecoin decentralized platform, has released a free service called NFT.Storage. It is designed to store non-fungible tokens. The service was developed in conjunction with blockchain startup Pinata. It is based on Filecoin and IPFS technologies....

Filecoin Reaches new highs

Filecoin Now Is Among the Top 10 Tokens by Market Cap


FIL, the native token of a decentralized protocol Filecoin, has seen significant price growth. At the moment the token trades at around $210.68 and ranks the ninth in terms of market capitalization which is above $13.3 billion. The interest in investing in FIL has been surging. On March 17, asset...

Filecoin launch 16.11.2020

Filecoin about the Launch and Project Goals


Filecoin aims to create a decentralized future for the web. Funded by a $ 257 million coin offering completed in September 2017, The Web 3.0 data storage project has since expanded its technology. For now, the main part of the world's information is managed by several firms, such as Google,...

Filicoin facing difficulties

Filecoin Miner Strike Faces Difficulties


Recently launched Filecoin project is facing difficulties as miners use a token model for collective plugs, which isn't economically practicable. The long-waited Filecoin data storage project launched last week after 3-year since $250 M presale and ICO. A huge amount of Chinese FOMO advanced token...


CoinList platform will distribute Filecoin tokens


The CoinList listing platform will distribute Filecoin tokens (FIL) after the launch of the chief network, which is scheduled for August. FIL tokens are going to be distributed directly to CoinList wallets. The platform will support Filecoin trading after the launch of the chief network. Filecoin...

Filecoin protocol launch

Filecoin revealed the launch date of the test network


Filecoin protocol's developers updated its roadmap, according to which the test network will be launched on December 11. 2019 Q2/3 Update is now live. We've announced our testnet launch date, progress made, and more!— Filecoin (@MineFilecoin) September 24, 2019 The...