Filecoin revealed the launch date of the test network

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Filecoin protocol launch

Filecoin protocol's developers updated its roadmap, according to which the test network will be launched on December 11.

The team said that they have not yet announced the launch date of the main network, but expect that this will happen 1-2 quarters after the start of the test. They will publish the exact date in the first quarter of 2020.

The indicated deadlines are optimistic and may be adjusted, the developers added. They also said that a roadmap update is made every two quarters.

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Earlier, the launch of the main network was announced by Filecoin representatives in mid-2019.

The Filecoin project has been implemented by the California Protocol Labs since 2014. Its goal is to create an effective data storage solution based on the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) decentralized network protocol.

In 2017, during the first-ever regulated ICO, the project raised a record $257 million at that time.