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Ether Tech (ETHER) News

Ethereum addresses activity

Ethereum Active Addresses Dropped to a 4-Month Low


After the big Ethereum upgrade, the Merge, the number of Ethereum active addresses has fallen essentially. According to the market intelligence platform Sentiment, it's the first time that this metric is below 400,000 since June 26, 2022. Sentiment notes disinterest is at high as prices have...

Jim Cramer Bitcoin Ethereum

Jim Cramer Advises Buying Bitcoin or Ether


American media personality Jim Cramer recommends buying Bitcoin or Ether. He is a believer in the crypto industry but advises only a speculative investment that's less than 5% of one's portfolio. The TV host told CNBC Make It he owns Ether and can't tell anyone not to own crypto. At first, Cramer...

Ethereum new all-time high

Ethereum Continues Breaking Records, Surpassing $4760


Today, November 8, the price of Ethereum reached a new all-time high of $4762. The token's market cap stands at above $561.4 billion, and its market dominance index is 19.61%. The largest altcoin has hit several all-time highs recently. Since 2020, Ether gained around 1000%. Among the reasons for...

Ethereum new all-time high

Ether Hit a New All-Time High of $4638


The price of the largest altcoin hit a new all-time high of $4638. In the last 24 hours, Ether went up by around 6%. The token's market cap stands at above $540.2 billion, and its market dominance index is 19.7%. Ethereum's hash rate reached a new all-time high too. The highest average hash rate...

Ether upgrade all-time high

Ethereum Altair Upgrade Went Live, Ether Reached a New ATH


The Altair upgrade on the Ethereum beacon chain went live on Oct 28. After the successful process, the price of Ether went up by around 7.6%, hitting a new all-time high of $4.400. The Beacon Chain is the first step of Ethereum's new Proof of Stake blockchain. It will merge with the mainnet to...

Ethereum $4360

Ether Reaches Another All-Time High Surging over $4360


Over the previous 7 days, the price of Ether saw over 31% increase. Today it set another all-time high surpassing $4360. The token's market dominance index is 19.84% and its market cap went up to $500 billion. That is larger than the market cap of Visa (480,90 B) and JP Morgan Chase (479.92 B). ...

Ethereum $4.100

Ether Reached Another All-Time High of $4000


The native token of the Ethereum environment Ether reached another all-time high surpassing $4.130. Ether's price has seen a 28.86% increase during the previous 7 days. Currently, its market dominance index stands at around 19% and its market cap is over $475.6 billion. The development of the...

Ether $3480

Ether Sets a New All-Time High of Over $3480


Ethereum keeps surging. The price of the token surpassed $3480. Its market dominance index is 17.5% currently. The demand for the token is pretty high. On April 27 the European Investment Bank in cooperation with Goldman Sachs, Santander, and Societe Generale launched a digital bond on a public...

Ether $3.100

Ether Hits New All-Time High Surpassing $3100


Gaining over 26% over the previous 7 days, the price of Ethereum crossed $3000 for the first time on Sunday evening. Then the token surged over $3.100. Currently, Ether's market cap stands at above $360.9 B. There is a high demand for the cryptocurrency. Many major institutions all over the world...

Ethereum performance

Ether Surpassed $2.700. The Blockchain Hits New Records


The price of Ethereum reached a new all-time high surging over $2.730. Its market cap went up to $314.1 B. Ethereum ecosystem keeps growing and getting ways to solve scalability problems. Recently the launch of the Berlin hard fork took place. The upgrade London is scheduled to release on July 14....

Ethereum law gas fees

Ethereum's Gas Fee Drops to 3-Months Lows


According to the data provided by cryptocurrency performance analytics Santiment, the average transaction gas fees of the protocol dropped under $10 first time in three months. It even went down to $8.14, while during the last months the cost was above $20. In addition, active Ethereum addresses...

Ethereum $2560

Ether Broke an all-time High of $2.560


Today the price of Ether set a new record high surpassing $2.560. It's the first time that the cryptocurrency has gone above $2.500. Recently the token's options market surpassed 3.3 billion, which indicates the growing demand for Eth investments. The biggest altcoin's market cap crossed $298...


Ether is close to $2500


Already during today's trading, the largest altcoin ether (ETH) can break the psychological mark of $ 2500. On Thursday morning, April 15, the ETH rate on the Binance exchange jumped to $ 2,480. Cryptocurrency capitalization at the time of publication of this review exceeded $ 283.643 billion. The...

Ethereum above $2080

Eth Price Reaches New Highs


The price of Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap reached a new all time high of $2.150. The previous high of $2.050 was set on February 20. Since then it's the second time Eth has surpassed $2.000. Ethereum is the most popular cryptocurrency investment choice after...

Ether $1914

Eth Price Surpasses $1900, Heads to $2000


Ethereum (Eth) price reached a new all-time high of $1914. The token was up by 7.11% in a day and now trades at above $1890. During this year the cost of the 2nd largest crypto asset by market cap increased by $160%, while BTC surged 78% at the same time. On December 1, 2020, Ethereum launched a...

Gene Simmons

Rock musician Gene Simmons bought ether for $300,000


Many celebrities not only pay attention to cryptocurrencies but also invest part of their capital in them. For example, rapper Robert Bryson Hall, acting under the pseudonym Logic, announced in the fall of last year that he had bought bitcoins. However, he did not specify exactly how much he sent...

Ethereum above $1560

Ethereum Reached a New All-Time High of $1560


On Tuesday, the price of Ethereum surpassed $1500. The previous record high occurred on January 19, when the price hit $1420. At the moment, Ether trades at around $1560. The token ranks second by market capitalization, which has seen a 12.32% rise over the last 24 hours and now stands at $177...

Ether set a new record

Ethereum Surged to a New All-Time High


The price of the largest altcoin by market cap surged to $1,439 on Bitstap. The previous all-time high dates back to 2018. The market cap of the cryptocurrency surpasses $163 B at the moment. Recently the Ethereum network's daily transaction volume has also been rising noticeably. At the moment it...