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BIZpaye (CRYPTO) News

US Senate crypto plan

US Senator Rob Portman Presents Crypto Provision


A $1 trillion infrastructure bill is currently being discussed in the US Senate. The plan is meant to increase the US funds and make improvements in the country. Crypto, particularly its tax-reporting and transactions are a part of the bill. The provision aims to raise $28 B from the sector. Senate...

Miami Coin MIA

Miami to Issue its Cryptocurrency Miami Coin


Coastal metropolis Miami will present its cryptocurrency MiamiCoin (MIA) on Aug. 3. It will be used to implement city development programs and various events. So, everyone will be able to help the city’s progress by purchasing or mining MIA and the received amount will go to the city's...

Matrixport $1 billion

Bitmain’s Former CEO Jihan Wu’s Matrixport Now Values $1 B


Crypto startup Matrixport, co-founded by digital asset mining firm Bitmain's ex CEO Wu Jihan and Ge Yuesheng in February 2019, raised over $100 M in Series C. Thus, the Singapore-headquartered company's valuation reached $1 B. Matrixport, a financial services company, raised $100 million at a...

Bitcoin price goes up

Bitcoin Reached Record 2-Month High of Over $42.000


Gaining around a 4% price increase over the previous 24 hours, Bitcoin's price reached its 2-month high surpassing $42.000. Over the previous 7 days, the price has gone up by over 23%. The price of Bitcoin started to rise after the massive sell-off in May. Since then BTC was hesitating between...

Germany funds crypto

German Institutional Funds Can Invest in Crypto From Aug. 2


Germany makes a move towards crypto adoption. The country enables funds aimed at institutional investors to put up to 20% of their capital in various digital assets. However, managers should adopt a cautious approach taking into account that the asset class is ultra-volatile. The option will be...

Robinhood possible feature

Robinhood to Test Feature That Reduces Volatility Impact


Crypto trading operations provider Robinhood may present a feature that protects users from crypto price ups and downs. As mentioned in a report published by Bloomberg on July 27, iOS developer Steve Moser carried out an analysis of a new code running in a final product test of the Robinhood iPhone...

Amazon about bitcoin payments

Amazon Says It Has No Plans to Allow BTC Payments Yet


Popular online shopping company Amazon commented on the rumors about the possibility of its accepting crypto payments. According to the press release published by Reuters on July 27, the representative of the company said the team is interested in crypto, but there are no certain plans on their ...

Binance margin tradin changes

Binance Ends Crypto Margin Trading on EUR, GBP, and AUD


Widely used crypto exchange Binance terminates margin trading on the pound sterling, the euro, and the Australian dollar from August 10. As noted in the blog post released on July 26, Binance Margin will be settled in an automated way, annul orders, and remove pairs that include the above-mentioned...

FTX leverage reduction

FTX Changes Its Leverage Size, Making It 5 Times Lower


Major crypto exchange FTX cut its allowed leverage, making it 20X from 100X. By doing so, the company aims to reduce risks connected to trading. Through leverage, traders borrow funds to boost their position and receive income. So, for example, 100X leverage will raise a $500 BTC position to be as...

Amazon hiring blockchain expert

Amazon in Search of Digital Currency and Blockchain Expert


U.S. e-commerce focused IT giant Amazon is hiring a digital currency and blockchain product lead. As stated in the job announcement, the specialist will be a part of the payments proceedings team. The new teammate will own the vision and strategy for blockchain-based product strategy and its...

JP Morgan crypto services

JP Morgan Made Crypto Funds Available for Its Clients


Wealth managers of one of the US largest banks, JP Morgan now are authorized to provide their customers access to crypto, reports Business Insider. Thus, the establishment became the first of the largest banks in the US to do so. The five crypto products that JP Morgan's consultants can operate...

Bitcoin price $31.800

BTC Goes Up to $31.000: Will It Secure the Support Level?


After falling below $30.000, the Bitcoin price managed to go up by around 7% over the last 24 hours. Currently, the coin trades at around $31.800. Data from a cryptocurrency information platform Bybt shows that as Bitcoin dropped to its 1-month low of $29.360 yesterday, whales stepped in. In one...

Mastercard crypto card

Mastercard Announces Crypto Card Initiative


International payments giant Mastercard revealed plans to realize a crypto card program to allow traditional banking establishments as well as crypto enterprises to offer their clients cards for digital asset operations. As stated in the press release published on July 20, Mastercard teamed up with...

Fidelity survey crypto investments

Most Institutions Will Own Crypto By 2026, Fidelity Found Out


Boston-based international financial entity Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS) carried out a survey, which shows that the number of institutions investing in crypto will grow considerably by 2026. 1.100 institutional investors from the US, Europe and Asia took part in the study. 70% of them answered...

Peter Thiel crypto Bullish

SoftBank Invests $75 M in the Crypto Platform Bullish


Japan’s global financial institution SoftBank invested in the crypto platform Bullish owned by businessman, and philanthropist Peter Thiel. Particularly, the company’s branch SB Northstar made a $75 M listing with the US SEC. Per the paper, SoftBank will obtain 7.5 mln shares paying $10 for...

Anthony Di Iorio quits crypto

Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio Quits Crypto


In a recent interview, Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio said he's freezing his main connections to the crypto sector. The entrepreneur is selling his current blockchain-focused innovation hub Decentral to establish a non-profit organization in the coming year. Di Iorio says he wants to be...

Binance stock tokens stops

Binance No Longer Supports Stock Tokens Because of Restrains


Major crypto platform Binance released a blog post saying it ceases support for stock tokens. As the company reports, users that presently own stock tokens, may sell or store them till October 14. The news came amid regulatory issues that the firm has been...

PayPal crypto purchase

PayPal's Crypto Purchase Limit Up from $20,000 to $100,000


On July 15, American payments company PayPal released an article, announcing changes in the crypto purchase policy. Now, US-based users are allowed to purchase up to $100,000 in crypto weekly with no annual buying limitation. PayPal says the changes aim to offer clients more options and flexibility...