eBay Buys NFT Platform KnownOrigin

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eBay KnownOrigin

International e-commerce platform eBay revealed acquiring the NFT marketplace KnownOrigin, which provides artists an environment to create digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens.

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The announcement about the acquisition said that with the purchase eBay is opening a new era of digital assets. eBay Chief Executive Officer Jamie Iannone said the community is continuously adding digital collectibles, and eBay aims to encourage innovators.

The company has implemented essential upgrades to its tech, performance and user experience. It included tools that make it more simple to explore, sell or buy anything.

eBay started enabling NFTs in May 2021, becoming the first online marketplace to do so.

eBay is purchasing KnownOrigin and the companies have signed an agreement. David Moore, one of the founders of KnownOrigin noted as interest in NFTs grows, the company found it’s the high time for the collaboration. He added the news will help attract more people interested in NFTs.

The NFT marketplace noted that the deal will allow more creators and collectors into the space helping the company to educate and inspire the next million creators.