What can you buy with Bitcoin?

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What can you buy with Bitcoin?

Money has its own functions. One of the currency’s functions is to be a mean of payment. With the development and growth of popularity of the cryptocurrency, they also began to acquire similar features of their “ancestors”. Now with a Bitcoin, you can buy games and applications, plane tickets, real estate or a trip to space. In addition to “traditional cryptocurrencies” (if they can be called such), you can also use special ones that were created for a particular product or service.

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Here we will tell you what products you can buy and what kind of services you can purchase if you want to do this through Bitcoins.

Real estate

Real estate

In the UAE there is one of the projects for this situation. According to it, houses are sold for 33 BTC ($132 thousand), and expensive apartments for 80 BTC ($320 thousand). The same opportunities exist for those who want to have a home in New York or Miami.

Companies encourage and implement payments with the use of cryptocurrencies because they differ from ones with traditional currencies in speed and reliability. There was an indicative story in the USA when it took ten minutes to transfer money to buy an apartment.

And there are many such projects. For example, if you are a connoisseur of everything luxurious, then perhaps you will need a classy villa in Verga Messinia, which is located near a Greek beach. Such a purchase will cost you a little more than 160 BTC ($640 thousand). Well, if you are more for those who love exotic, then you can be offered a territory on a Pacific beach belonging to the Kingdom of Tonga. It will cost approximately 10 BTC ($40 thousand).

But you know what is the most incredible? The government of Puerto Rico was so inspired by the concept of the blockchain and its functionality that they are going to create a utopian city. You can ask, how the blockchain is connected with it? The fact is that all economic processes will occur on its basis. Naturally, the money on its territory will be only in crypto. So maybe this city of the future will deserve your attention?



The second product, for which some companies accept the cryptocurrency, are cars. Most of these proposals (if we look at the world map) are in the Czech Republic. For example, the local auto show Alza. It provides not only a big variety of cars, here you can also buy unique models. The truth is, that it is not cheap. If you look for a less expensive variant, you can pay attention to the centers of used cars. One of those is FairPlayAuto where you can pay with Bitcoins.

Although it is obvious that premium cars are being sold for crypto money more readily. For example, this applies to Tesla Model S electric cars. It was sold many times for BTC, covering the price of the car - €140 thousand. Among the other car dealerships where the cryptocurrency is accepted, we can highlight the Californian Lamborghini Newport Beach and the Finnish Auto-outlet Helsinki Oy. Also, if you do not see suitable offers for yourself, you can pay attention to a large number of private announcements. But remember that even in the new crypto world there are already many scammers. So be careful.



For Bitcoins, you can go to many parts of the world. Perhaps today the industry that most actively exploits crypto money is air travel. For example, it is already more than four years, that Lithuanian airline Air Lituanica allowed buying tickets using bitcoins. Moreover, to encourage this way of payment, the company went on the abolition of commissions.

In 2015, another airline, AirBaltic, decided to become a place where you can spend your crypto coins. Later on, changes occurred in LOT. But similar services are offered not only in Europe. There are also some in the USA, Mexico, Canada and etc. Although it is more profitable for customers to buy not just a plane ticket, but a whole tour. It will take into account not only the price of the flight but also accommodation, tours, and even food.


Everyday goods

Everyday goods are also in this list. For example, household goods, such as furniture, appliances, chemicals, etc. Also for BTC, you can buy something to eat. Let's don't forget the most noteworthy fact that the first transaction in the world made with crypto coins was done for pizza. Then their cost was 10.000 BTC ($40 million). This food has become almost legendary. Maybe this is why, that now you can buy not only pizza but coffee for Bitcoins, dine in cafes or restaurants.

Providing examples of all this, we can give names of different companies. For example online store Overstock, where you can buy for bitcoins from furniture, jewelry to garden equipment and cosmetics. Or OpenBazaar, where all the goods are sold only for BTC.

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When you want to tell a newbie how cool Bitcoin is, you often use the story of buying coffee as an example of the availability of Bitcoin. As if to say: “Bitcoin is so simple that you can go to the nearest cafe and buy a cup of coffee for Bitcoins”. Behind the scenes, it usually remains the fact that such a “nearest cafe” can be located several thousand kilometers away, as there are hardly a few hundred of them on our planet.

Now using the story with coffee and "not turning red", will be much easier. Well, if you live in North America, of course. Since the project “Coins for Coffee” was launched, by the help of which you can spend some BTC in Starbucks.


Apps and games

Almost everyone plays games. Today there is no smartphone, in which there will not be at least one application. It is logical that the owners of companies, developing applications and games started to get interested in and implemented payment for their services through cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. Here is the list of them:

  • Xbox — games, and apps for Xbox and PCs.
  • PlayStation Network — games, add-ons and for PlayStation.
  • Humble Bundle — website with indie games.
  • Big Fish Games — casual gaming company.
  • Green Man Gaming — games, game keys and digital games.
  • Zynga — mobile and online games.