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Argentina is one of the leading countries by BTC trades


The scale of operations with bitcoin in Argentina continues to grow. That country has already managed to gain a foothold in the ranking of leaders in terms of transaction volumes on the LocalBitcoins platform. Last week, the number of transactions with BTC in Argentina exceeded 101 million pesos,...

Tim Draper

Tim Draper once again confirmed his commitment to Bitcoin


During a conversation with businessman Rob Moore, financier Tim Draper again spoke about the benefits of bitcoin. He previously repeatedly expressed his commitment to the first cryptocurrency, but this time he admitted that he owns not only BTC but also some altcoins. Draper evaluates the...

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff criticized the ideology of Bitcoin fans


Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff tweeted another post praising gold and criticizing bitcoin. The financier published similar messages on a social network earlier. This time, he criticized the so-called BTC hodlers. Hodlers are cryptocurrency holders who do not part with it even when its value...


Kirobo offered a solution to cancel false BTC transactions


Israeli blockchain startup Kirobo introduced a technology that prevents the loss of cryptos due to user errors when sending transactions. According to a recent Fio Foundation survey, 55% of respondents are worried about the possibility of making a mistake when sending cryptocurrencies, and 18% lost...

Bitcoin price

Research: Bitcoin is correlating with US stock market


The price of bitcoin again closely correlates with the dynamics of the US stock market. Fears of a possible worsening of the situation with the coronavirus may pull stocks and, therefore, the crypto market. This is stated in the report of Arcane Research. Experts say the stock market has been...

Grayscale Bitcoin

Grayscale added 19,879 BTC to its Bitcoin Trust


Over the past week, Grayscale investment firm acquired 19,879 BTC ($183.3 million), bringing the total amount of bitcoins under management to almost 400,000 BTC ($3.69 billion). This was announced by well-known analyst Kevin Rooke. Unbelievable.Grayscale added 19,879 BTC to their Bitcoin Trust...

Craig Wright autist

Craig Wright claims he is diagnosed with autism


Pretending to be the creator of bitcoin, Craig Wright will appear in front of the judge in the framework of the process initiated by Ira Kleiman. This is stated in the court order. They decided to transfer the case to the jury after rejecting the plaintiff's application for punishing Wright for...


Australians now can buy Bitcoins at post offices


Australians will now be able to buy bitcoins at over 3,500 Australian post offices. CEO of Holger Arians believes that the new payment method will be convenient for many people: “For many users, especially beginners, paying bitcoins at Australian post offices will be a safer way...

Steve Hanke

Steve Hanke criticized bitcoin


The number of opponents of Bitcoin continues to increase, recently they are joined by Professor of Economics at Johns Hopkins University Steve Hanke. He recently called BTC on a Twitter tool for speculators. The economist emphasized that Bitcoin cannot be called a currency. For a coin to be...

Max Keiser

Max Keiser urges US protesters to buy bitcoins


Popular TV presenter Max Keiser continues to talk about the tremendous potential of Bitcoin. He previously repeatedly pointed to the strengths of cryptocurrency and predicted an increase in its value. This week, a presenter on the Keiser Report analyzed the political situation in the United States...

Bitcoin whales

Bitcoin whales withdrew $125 million from Binance


Over the past day, increased activity has been recorded in the BTC network. The whales conducted 10 transactions with a total volume of 29,986 BTC ($287.9 million), according to the analytic service Whale Alert. Three transactions in the amount of 13,049 BTC ($125.7 million) were sent from the...


Novogratz says economic support measures reinforce bitcoin


On CNBC, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz once again spoke about the tremendous potential of Bitcoin. He also stressed that the US authorities need to accelerate the creation of a digital version of the dollar. Novogratz cited China as an example, which has already achieved exceptional results in...

Elon Musk fraud Bitcoin

Fraudsters posing as Elon Musk stole $2 million in BTC


Fraudsters posing as Elon Musk have engaged in a new trick that has already robbed at least $2 million of trusting BTC holders, The Block reports. The organizers of fake distributions of cryptocurrency began to use the so-called vanity addresses, which can contain words, names, or phrases....

Nassim Taleb Bitcoin

Nassim Taleb called bitcoin maximalists "total idiots"


The philosopher and author of the cult work “Black Swan” Nassim Taleb during a small skirmish on Twitter called the vast majority of bitcoin maximalists “total idiots”. 1) I explain in #SkinintheGame scale transformations: Bitcoin is a good idea but almost all bitcoiners are total idiots,...

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano calls on pension funds to invest in BTC


Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano again appealed to pension funds with a call to more actively channel their funds to buy bitcoins. The businessman sent a letter to investors at the end of last week. It says that every pension fund should strive to increase its portfolio by including...

Mt.Gox Craig Wright

WizSec: bitcoins Craig Wright claims were stolen from Mt.Gox


WizSec team leader Kim Nilsson reiterated that the 80,000 BTC allegedly owned by Craig Wright were actually stolen from the Mt.Gox exchange in March 2011 and have not moved since then. In his new record, Nilsson once again recalls the events of 2011-2013, when significant amounts were stolen from...

Peter Brandt

Peter Brandt called on the youth to invest in BTC and tech


According to trader and analyst Peter Brandt, the most promising areas for investment are real estate and innovative projects. He expressed his point of view on Twitter and appealed to the young generation with an appeal to buy bitcoins. Besides, the expert believes that the so-called generation of...

Mike Novogratz

Novogratz hopes institutional adoption of BTC will quicken


Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz hopes institutional investors will soon start massively switching to BTC. Otherwise, we will not be able to see a new rise in the value of crypto, the businessman said in an interview. Novogratz is on the list of ardent supporters of BTC. He recently said that by...