Ethereum outperformed bitcoin by gain of active addresses

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Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin

The second-largest crypto in terms of capitalization surpassed bitcoin in terms of the growth in the number of active addresses. Since the beginning of the year, their number has increased by 145%, while at BTC this indicator increased by 13%.

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According to the analytic company Messari, the number of active Ethereum addresses reached 567,829. Despite the slower growth rate, there are 745,665 in the Bitcoin network.

The graph also shows two periods of a sharp decrease in the growth of active wallets in the Ethereum network. The first occurred in mid-March, coinciding with a fall in the market value of ETH below $111. The next recession occurred in early June amid the growing popularity of the DeFi sector.

ETH outperformed BTC in terms of the total amount of commissions held on the network, according to Glassnode. At the same time, the median commission for ETH is two times lower than for BTC: $0.253 and $0.503, respectively. This is evidenced by the data of BitInfoCharts.