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Klarna CEO urged businessmen to stop promoting bitcoin


CEOs need to move away from popularizing Bitcoin, which could pose threats to consumers. That point of view is shared by Klarna CEO Sebastian Semyatkovski. The top manager stressed that a tool has appeared on the market that does not have any security. This financial product poses real threats to...


Grayscale spoke about the rise in capital investments in ETH


Grayscale, which manages the assets, has significantly increased its investments in Ether (ETH) over the week. The Ethereum Trust of this giant in dollar terms increased by $38 million. Thus, the company acquired another 24,796 ETH. The largest altcoin has made a historic breakthrough this week....

MGT Solar

MGT Solar - new project joining blockchain with green energy


MGT Solar launches an innovative new project combining blockchain with a sustainable green energy solution. Token holders have the benefit of earning dividends by holding their...


KuCoin CEO: Insurers refunded part of losses from hacking


In September 2020, the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. As a result, hackers stole up to $ 285 million in cryptocurrency. According to platform CEO Johnny Liu, insurance companies took part in recovering losses incurred as a result of the attack. He emphasized that thanks to the...

Coinbase Binance

Coinbase and Binance entered the top 1000 most popular sites


Crypto exchanges Coinbase and Binance entered the 1000 most visited sites in the world, according to data from analytical services SimilarWeb and Alexa. According to SimilarWeb, Coinbase is currently ranked 874, and Binance is 839 in the world. According to Alexa, Coinbase is ranked 830 in the...


What are APIs and how are they used in crypto trading?


Let's find out what APIs are and what role they play in cryptocurrency trading. What is API? An API is an application programming interface that helps applications communicate with each other. In everyday life, we regularly use APIs, but we do not always realize that we are dealing with...


Indian officials denied rumors of intent to ban crypto


The Indian government does not want to ban cryptos completely but intends to regulate this segment of the economy. Minister of Finance of the country Anurag Singh Thakur told about it last Tuesday. He emphasized that at this stage, the Cabinet of Ministers faces the task of increasing the...


XRP futures market went through a cascade of liquidations


Since January 30, when the Ripple token rate began an upward movement to levels above $ 0.7, the total volume of liquidations of long and short positions in the XRP futures market exceeded $ 1.6 billion. Over the past day, as a result of the growth and subsequent collapse of XRP, positions for $...

SBI Holdings and SMFG

SBI Holdings and SMFG announced the launch of an exchange


Financial conglomerate SBI Holdings and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMFG) will launch a digital securities exchange based on blockchain technology. It will begin work in the spring of 2022 in the Japanese city of Osaka, according to Nikkei Asia. Osaka Digital Exchange will be the operator...


Bitcoin miners earned over $1 billion in January


January 2021 turned out to be very successful for bitcoin miners. They generated $ 1.09 billion in revenue, the highest since December 2017. As The Block clarifies, in January 2018, mining pools were able to earn about $ 1.02 billion. In December 2017, they received an income of $ 1.25 billion....


Visa can integrate cryptocurrencies into its payment system


Visa has been interested in the cryptocurrency industry for the past few years. This payment operator even became a member of the Facebook crypto project (Libra). At the end of last week, Visa CEO Alfred Kelly said that in the future, the company's payment network could integrate digital...

Pantera Capital CEO

Pantera Capital CEO predicts Ether and Polkadot growth


Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead is known as one of the strongest proponents of Bitcoin. He has previously stated on several occasions that BTC could reach $ 100,000 in 2021. This week, the businessman spoke positively about altcoins Ether (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT). He tweeted that his company is...


Kraken and Coinbase face hurdles amid escalating volatility


The aggravation of volatility in the crypto market led to technical failures in the work of some American exchanges. Initially, users reported issues with the Kraken platform. The technical failure was observed intermittently for 17 hours. After that, the administration reported on the resumption...

App Store

Cryptocurrency-related apps lead the US App Store


Coinbase made it to the top 10 free apps in the US App Store. As of Friday, January 29th, Coinbase is ranked 4th behind Robinhood, Webull, and Reddit, and ahead of TikTok, Cash App, and Zoom. Coinbase entered the top 30 free apps in the App Store earlier this month. Ranked leader Robinhood, a...

Elon Musk

Price of BTC grew by $5K after the "advertisement" from Musk


On January 29, the price of BTC jumped more than $ 5,000 an hour after SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk added the hashtag #bitcoin to his Twitter profile. The price peaked at $ 38,000 after "advertising bitcoin" on the page of the richest person in the world at the...


Financial companies will launch their DeFi applications


By the end of 2021, at least one financial institution will launch its own Defi platform for its clients. This opinion was expressed by the head of forecasts of Ernst & Young (EY) Paul Brody. According to him, EY continually communicates with various banks and large corporations. They see...


Circle eases to purchase USDC stablecoin for US users


Circle announced the addition of Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment support, which is going to allow US users to buy USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin and use the Circle API to integrate various products and protocols using USDC. US customers use ACH to transfer funds between regulated banking...


Bank of England has questioned Bitcoin's continued success


Existing cryptocurrencies do not have a suitable model that would allow them to work as a means of payment in the long term. Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey said this at the World Economic Forum in Davos. In a separate session entitled “Restarting Digital Currencies,” Bailey noted...

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