Avoteo Reaches Strategic Partnership With VeriDoc To Implement Onchain Signature

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Avoteo Reaches Strategic Partnership With VeriDoc To Implement Onchain Signature

Palma de Mallorca, Spain — March 7, 2022, Crypto-native crowdfunding platform Avoteo is announcing a long-lasting strategic partnership with a verifiable electronic signature platform VeriDoc to implement the possibilities of an on-chain signature on its blockchain-based crowdfunding platform.

This partnership will enable all the documentation incurred in the process of crowdfunding an idea or startup to be fully signed on-chain, thanks to blockchain capabilities made possible by deploying VeriDoc services. This integration will enable all crowdfunding processes conducted on Avoteo to be fully transparent and secure; eliminating fraud and counterfeits.

VeriDoc Global is a global technology firm that leverages blockchain and smart contracts to deliver anti-fraud document verification solutions. These methods ensure that the user is viewing a genuine and accurate document issued by the issuer. VeriDoc Global has created an application that uses patented digital security and Quick Response (QR) Code technology to deliver quick and cost-effective services.

By collaborating with VeriDoc, Avoteo is setting the stone rolling to lead the future of digital identity in blockchain-based crowdfunding, building an ecosystem that is not only secured but also tamperproof to fraud.

Avoteo: Bringing Crowdfunding to Blockchain

Avoteo is an innovative crypto-native crowdfunding platform that connects future entrepreneurs, artists, or visionaries with customers and investors before the idea becomes a reality. Avoteo has created a revolutionary community platform with the goal of collecting ideas and raising finances to turn those ideas into reality. The platform depends on the community's intelligence to determine which project ideas are most likely to succeed.

Along with these basic objectives, Avoteo will enable the utilisation of community talents and expertise to turn ideas into reality. The mission is to create a platform where ideas may be freely exchanged, making sure the best ideas are realised. When ventures launched on Avoteo become successful, this will, in turn, rub off on the sustainability of the Avoteo ecosystem, thereby creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

All projects that will be launched on Avoteo will be decided by the community, making it a community-governed project, this will be achieved by Avoteo native token AVO. Any Avoteo holder can communicate their ideas on the platform through articles, videos, posters, or any other method the author chooses and will also be able to vote on other people's ideas. The only condition will be to hold a certain amount of Avoteo tokens on their respective wallets.

As seen in Avoteo’s recent Newsletter, the project is set to kickstart its IDO event on March 14th 2022 after reaching an agreement with p2pb2b exchange, this will be shortly followed by the second phase of the ICO where the price is set at $0,05 per AVO token. Avoteo has also reached an agreement with LATOKEN exchange for an IEO event which will also start March 14th 2022. Avoteo smart contract is currently being audited by a leading blockchain cyber security firm Certik to ensure that the contract is safe and ready for deployment.

Crowdfunding Presents A Viable Way To KickStart Any Venture

Crowdfunding has evolved into a valued and feasible method of raising funds for enterprises. The low barrier to entry and limitless access to numerous crowdfunding platforms has paved the way for this, with prospective entrepreneurs wishing to turn their ideas into reality choosing this technique as a low-risk means of obtaining funds.

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While there could be avoidable setbacks to crowdfunding, this form of generating funds is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Leveraging Blockchain authenticity presents a more viable and low-risk approach to crowdfunding compared to traditional means of fundraising.

Before blockchain implementation to crowdfunding, designing a successful campaign usually takes a lot of time and energy, which can possibly result in huge spending and expense. Additionally, it's very difficult to authenticate the genuity of startups looking to raise funds, which most times results in scam companies leading to the loss of investors' funds.

Avoteo platform addresses this setback using blockchain technology, by conducting all fundraising using smart contracts, Avoteo authenticates the genuity of every data accompanying an idea, startup, or company looking to fundraise on its platform.

Avoteo's partnership with VeriDoc is a further advancement of its security measures towards implementing a high-level verification method towards every startup that will utilise its crowdfunding platform, making sure that every data, procedure, and signatory is transparent and verifiable through blockchain technology, thereby protecting investors' interest and also the ideas of startups.

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