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web 3.0 News and Articles

Jack Dorsey web 3 VCs

Jack Dorsey's Anti-Web 3 and VC Tweets Created a Movement


Block (formerly Square) CEO Jack Dorsey criticized the web 3 sphere recently, saying it isn't decentralized, but venture capital firms are those who own it. In a tweet published on December 21, the former CEO of Twitter said web 3 is a centralized entity with a new label. In a later tweet, Dorsey...

Alexis Ohanian Polygon web 3

Reddit Co-founder and Polygon Present $200 M Web 3 Initiative


Entrepreneur, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and Polygon Network have built a $200 M initiative to drive the growth of web3-based projects. Ohanian's VC firm Seven Seven Six and Polygon will back the projects representing the industry. The Polygon blockchain will deliver the infrastructure for...

Coinbase crypto regulations

Coinbase Suggests Creating a New Crypto Regulator


Leading crypto trading company Coinbase released Digital Asset Policy Proposal on October 14, suggesting set clear regulations for crypto and Web 3.0 in the USA. The exchange issued an explainer on GitHub describing its vision. Coinbase finds the right way to regulate the industry is through a...

Web 3.0

The Making Of A Decentralized Web 3.0


Data is the new ‘Gold’. Unfortunately, in today’s world, only a handful of organizations are in control of this gold aka data. From Facebook to Google, the multi-billion dollar organizations have one thing in common. They have made their billions by accessing their user’s data in a way...

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