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News and Articles by Jacob Gri.

Crypto exchanges that haven't been hacked

Which crypto exchanges have not been hacked?


In plenty of crypto exchanges, some are proving they are worth trusting, and some are being easily hacked. I’m not going to suggest which one to choose and won't give any referral links. I just wanted to share with you the list of most trustworthy exchanges based on our researches. Most of the...

Binance is a Major Outlier

Blockchain Capital Research Report: Binance is Major Outlier


2019’s State of the Crypto Report by Blockchain Capital revealed quite a few interesting facts and figures about IEOs and their performances this year. There’s no denying that 2019 saw the dominance of exchange tokens or tokens issued by cryptocurrency exchanges, targeted towards incentivizing...

Web 3.0

The Making Of A Decentralized Web 3.0


Data is the new ‘Gold’. Unfortunately, in today’s world, only a handful of organizations are in control of this gold aka data. From Facebook to Google, the multi-billion dollar organizations have one thing in common. They have made their billions by accessing their user’s data in a way...

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