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Bitcoin volatility has fallen to its lowest level since early April


Over the past 24 hours, the capitalization of Bitcoin has increased by almost 2% to $391.79 billion. Despite the bounce above $20,000, BTC continues to trade in a tight range. According to Arcane Research, the weekly bitcoin volatility index has fallen to its lowest level since early April....


Bitcoin volatility index falls to 15-month low


Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading in a tight range over the past few weeks. On Thursday, February 3, the cryptocurrency rose in price to $37,043. The capitalization of bitcoin is approaching $700 billion. A report from Arcane Research says that the BTC volatility index is at its lowest level since...


Putin recalled the volatility of cryptocurrencies


Digital currencies are risky instruments as they have no real collateral. This point of view is shared by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, he once again reminded today of the strong volatility of cryptocurrencies. The Russian leader made similar statements earlier. For example, in...


Kraken and Coinbase face hurdles amid escalating volatility


The aggravation of volatility in the crypto market led to technical failures in the work of some American exchanges. Initially, users reported issues with the Kraken platform. The technical failure was observed intermittently for 17 hours. After that, the administration reported on the resumption...

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