Putin recalled the volatility of cryptocurrencies

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Digital currencies are risky instruments as they have no real collateral. This point of view is shared by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, he once again reminded today of the strong volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The Russian leader made similar statements earlier. For example, in October, in an interview with CNBC, he said that digital currencies should not be allowed to be used when paying for goods and services. With the help of such instruments, one can only accumulate capital.

Vladimir Putin spoke at the Russia Calling! and reiterated the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, it is necessary to monitor the development of the cryptosphere.

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There are states, such as China, where digital assets are prohibited. However, in some countries, their use is still permitted.

The President also did not rule out that cryptocurrencies will be integrated into the global financial system in the future, but one must remember that they are not backed by anything.